Protest and Benifit


We normally think of going on strike against our employer for higher wages, that is what we are familiar with from the past. This strike or protest is different but not so much different. Regardless of who you work for,  your real employer is yourself, your consumerism; and with our current neo-liberal economics we have 24-7 shopping, the most important work you need to do is shop and go into debt, so that you can be dispossessed of your money, plus more, for the purpose of capital accumulation for your final employer (Capitalism).

Capitalist supply side monetary policy is the object of our protest; since the financial crisis of 2008 we have had primarily easy money policy in the hope of stimulating the economy and at the same time we get warnings of dangerous high levels of consumer debt; this is a contradiction. (The quantitative easing from western States is for another purpose).

As any strike it requires a change in your lifestyle, but these should all be for the better, I will list them.

First, never buy lottery tickets or visit a casino, all they do is siphon billions of dollars out of local communities that never return. You deserve much better.  Most of you; I think, who buy lottery tickets, hope to win. All you are doing is buying your own dream. This is no different than what the Roman Catholic Church did in the Middle Ages; they sold indulgencies to the people; took their money for the person’s own imagination. You, who buy all those lottery tickets, are considered the low life, especially by your government. Any government that gives its people gambling and promotes gambling addiction is a government against its people.  When this government wants to stop tobacco addiction they ban all tobacco advertising; with gambling you cannot escape the advertising.  They are promoting addiction. You deserve much better.   Every time you get the urge to buy lottery tickets you need to think – I deserve much better, Monetary Democracy is our Civil Right and I am not my government’s idiot.  We need a major reformation.

Buy as little as possible, only what you need and buy from local producers as much as possible, Shop at farmers markets.  Reject brand names, patronize artisans or become an artisan. We need to rebuild the bottom strata of the economy; it is the only consumerism that is out of reach of the dispossession by global capitalism.

Boycott box stores, they represent the commercialization of poverty. When they advertise the lowest price is the law they really mean your wage.  Consumers are also producers they are the same people and it doesn’t make a difference where in the world they live.  Very little revenue from your purchase at these stores stays in your community or even your country.  They are about as helpful to your local community as casinos; and what are they going to do for you in world war 3?

Refuse to buy imports especially from countries that have no human rights. Capitalism has gone global, so should labour rights and human rights. Why should we patronize tyranny, or a capitalism that exploits both the producer and consumer? Why should we patronize the hybrid capitalism and communisms of Chinese Dictators? Chinese people deserve much better.

Boycott Sunday shopping.  Here in Ontario we recently got a new statutory holiday in February called “family day”. It was not too long ago when we had 52 family days in each year, it is time we took these days back for the family and used them simply as rest days. Sometimes less is more.

If you have too much unsecured consumer debt, make a proposal to your creditors. You can do this yourself. Make no more payments; then after sometime send them a letter.  Be realistic, do not be generous, at 25% interest or more they probably already have their money. These rates should be illegal. Offer no more than 50%, you should offer less, like 25%, and then with no interest over a time period that suit your need.  Have lots of patents. You may need, call display on your phone, or ells very thick skin. Don’t allow yourself to be intimidated. If they don’t accept your proposal after two years your debt may be gone, there is a statute of limitations; and collection agencies do not have the time to take every one to court; and if they do, you can still give them another proposal at a pre-trial court hearing. If you have any assets and long-term debt you might consider securing them first on the best possible terms, that no changes need to be made to these during the time of your proposals.

Petition your government, and be vocal, for fare trade not free trade; trade dependent on human rights and labour rights. We have a sovereign right to regulate trade and raise taxes on imports. National defence consist of more than just a standing army, it includes economic defence as well.  It is only capitalist conquest that benefits from lawless free trade; not producer’s nether consumers; not in our state neither in foreign states; and why should we the people be the only source of tax revenue?

Improve your family life, with all of those close to you. Have meals at home rather than eat out. Lose some weight and get some exercise. Forgive each other and try to be more objective about life.

You need to trash 99% of your media entertainment, spend your time getting some real knowledge, that you would be an active intellectual in the real world. Media entertainment is the degeneration and pacification of the masses. It overwhelms the mind with authoritarian anarchy. The media is the authority, it requires your undivided attention, then feeds you a steady flow of anarchy, creating a feeling of wellbeing that is nothing more than passive hopelessness.  It is the primary source of subconscious moral relativism.  A person needs objective and critical thinking about more subjects than just their employment or business.

You need to spend your entertainment money on the defence of the moral imperative for objective Justice. Your life and freedom depend on it.

Redirect you political contributions. Why would you support a political party that intends to compromise the Moral Imperative to our freedom, or who think they are the Moral Imperative?  Make your political donations dependant on the defence of the Moral Imperative.  Instead of giving them your money buy a membership, write letters and essays to influence policy, and send your money to an organization that defends objective justice.  Send some to the writer.  When we are silent it is because we do not have the money to be heard.


Demand education for your children that is free from Ideological pagan indoctrination.  Public schools have an Ideological curriculum that is religious. To teach identity confusion and promiscuity to minors is child abuse. This is a psychological experiment that will eventually make your children suicidal. Regardless of how a person identifies them salves you can never make the objective go away.  The public school system is more concerned with ideological indoctrination, than you child’s academic achievements.  Failing this then remove your children from the public school system.

Get yourself a sense of community, attend a church or synagogue. Ask them what is true religion?  it’s a relevant question for our day. The answer from all of them should be the same (not necessarily their confession of faith but religion).  If you think you are atheist or agnostic, then ask yourself do I defend objective Justice or subjective moral relativism? (No one is without religion). Your radicalization is no different from radicalized religion, and it is pointless to blame religion. Ideology can use religion as well as atheism to make objective truth its victim, (again more religion).

All of you atheists seem to know who God is better that we believers; but you miss identify God; you confuse God with ideological religion. That has been your experience, and probably a bad one. You need to rethink your own radicalism because atheism today looks very much like radicalized religion.  What atheism is opposed to and attacks is what they have become themselves.

We all need to learn some humility, and then we might meet in objectiveness, and find redemption for our subjective.  Failing this, a guilt ridden society will harden into moral relativism and radicalized hate, to justify their actions, and the moral imperative to our freedom becomes their Hell, (more religion).  Atheism is the fanatic religion of tyrants, tyranny and despots, themselves as God, (the ultimate self identification).

There is growing protest and unrest in the world, and a potential for serious problems; we need to give them something meaningful and enduring to protest for. Then promote this Blog and other organizations that defend authentic Justice. When we don’t provide an opportunity for objective leadership how do we ever expect to receive it?

This  protest is proactive to rebuild the local economy and society,  from the bottom strata up, by a lifestyle that is anti- consumerism and anti-Ideology with political action that is objective, pro- democracy and pro-justice, and not just  passively  waiting for things to happen.   We the people of the world have a right to Social Justice, economic Justice which includes environmental justice, and monetary Justice, that  is objective and not a fraudulent subjective.

Caleb Maccabee