Defend the Secular State

Defending the secular state

It is only in a secular state that there is religious freedom; a state that does not legislate or enforce any subjective faith; where the citizen has freedom of conscience for their own faith. However in such a state there can be no religions that infringe on human rights; any religion that engages in human sacrifice, polygamy, sorcery, racism, caste system or jihadist or any other abusive observance, is illegal.  Then the only religions freedom is for religion  that defend objective values and that reinforce objective Justice;  that defend the moral imperative to freedom.

Then why today in states who call themselves secular do we have legislated faith and faith based constructed human rights?   It requires faith to believe the unborn child is not a human being, it requires faith to believe that a child would chose same sex parents, It requires faith to believe that same sex relationships can be marriage and family. None of this is self evident neither objective, they are constructed on faith.  Subjective faith based human rights. (You might call these fake pagan miracles).

Western secular states have created for themselves a radical discontinuity and are no longer secular states but have become ideological pagan theocracies of moral relativism; with this religion vested in the courts; and now use their new pagan state religion to persecute other religions that defend objective values and objective justice. How do these states expect peace in the world or even in their own States? There is no common priori in subjective Ideology only radicalism and tyranny. If the twentieth century was bad for human suffering caused by Ideology; then the twenty-first century is begining to look like it may be much worse.

We need to overthrow the Ideology of moral relativism with a major intellectual revolution, and not only in social Justice but also monetary Justice and economic Justice as well.

I am writing this for all of us who may be able to influence change and if not then for those who survive our growing disaster.

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Caleb Maccabee