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Radicalization and Social Globalization

Social Globalism and Radicalization  


I remember all of the protests of the 1960s and 70s, the anti war protests, Kent State, woman’s rights protests, pro choice protests, these protests were mostly anti family, free sex, protests, under the cover of woman’s rights, much like today’s free capitalism under the cover of globalism.

Of all the protests during this time, there was only one for genuine civil rights that was Martin Luther King, and the Civil Rights Movement, the rest were protests of ideological greed. The proof of this; no one today is disputing the Civil Rights Movement of Martin Luther King, anyone who  defends Civil Rights can recognize human beings as ends in themselves.  These other movements never compare themselves to the Civil Rights Movement. They simply can’t.  They are ideological and cannot establish that a human being is an end in them self. You would think by aligning themselves with the Civil Rights movement they would score a big public relations victory; but to do so is to equate Black African Americans and everyone ells to be nothing more than the equivalency of specific behaviour.

When we begin to define race, human beings, human rights according to specific behaviour or stereo- types we are entering a very repulsive ideology. The use of human behaviour as criterion for defining race and human rights comes out of the theology of Racism, Social Darwinism, Aryan supremacy and Nazism. The current same sex crusade is really the flip side of this theology; the other side of the same coin. The construction of special human rights will always create the denial of other human rights, this works just as well as the construction of discrimination will always create other special human rights. When you consider what it will do for children and the rest of us, you would realize they are seeking predatory rights. The issues are still as hot as ever after 40 years and polarize the people. The opposition to this type of non- objective ideological discrimination is never going to go away; it is becoming more articulate and growing around the world.

Before I continue with the world situation of today I need to prove my point from history, then I will continue with the present time.

Historically: to put social globalism into a historic perspective I will begin  with the Greeks. The Greek Hellenisation of the world.  After Alexander the Great died in 323 B.C.E. at Babylon, the conquered empire was divided up into 3 kingdoms. Ptolemy kingdom included Egypt and parts of the Middle East, Seleucid Kingdom held the Old Persian Empire and Antigonus held Macedonia and Greece. By now the imperial Greeks were no longer the Greeks of the democratic city states, as the different approaches to government will show.

The state of Judaea which had just been reinstated by the Persian King fell into the hands of the Ptolemy King from Alexandria in Egypt. The Ptolemy approach to government was to allow each state to have internal self government and the imperial government would control taxation, defence and foreign affairs. This system worked well for Judaea and the state flourished, not withstanding social division developing through the influence of Hellenism and political divisions form the influences from the Seleucid Empire.

The Seleucid Empire took a very different approach to government. It became a government of micro management, building new cities on the Greek model and enforcing Hellenization of the people.  Emperor worship was introduced to religion.  Their purpose was a unified Hellenistic tyranny.

After a hundred years of relative peace for Judaea there was war between the Seleucid and Ptolemy. Judaea became part of the Seleucid Empire. Obviously this signals a shift in policy toward Judaea however Judaea was promised the same self government. This lasted about 25 years. Then the government was changed with new administration in line with the Seleucid elitist tyranny. Temple funds were taken for the state treasury from the Temple at Jerusalem. Obviously this would trigger protest but much worse was to come.

The intention of this quiet revolution was to transform Judaea into a Seleucid Greek state.  Seleucid policy was to synthesize all Idolatry, including Emperor Worship into one religion.  Jewish religion would be required to synthesize with it; into this mush pot. This was easy for all the other pagan Idolatrous states. When there is no objective truth anything and everything becomes believable. However, this could never work for the Jewish State.  Judaea as a State, as well as its religion, is founded on the same constitutional principle of the Supremacy of God and the rule of law. Here, instead of emperor worship the emperor was subject to the rule of objective law.  In Judaea every man was his fellow’s equal under God, in civil and political rights.

Antiochean Decree:  In the year 167 B.C.E. during military occupation of Jerusalem the image of Zeus was set up in the Temple and the Antiochean Decree was made.  The decree forbade compliance with the laws of the Torah, including observance of the Sabbath, and circumcision on the pain of death. Jews everywhere were compelled to take part in idolatrous worship and to offer up sacrifices on the altars erected for the purpose. There were Jews that submitted, others fled to the desert and many suffered martyrdom rather than violate the Torah.

Beginning in 166 B.C.E. we have the Maccabean wars, where a small rebel army of Jews crushed the Seleucid Greek army in several battles, by 140 B.C.E. Judaea once again was an independent state, until the Romans came. Then we have this same story all over again.

What is important to note, is the purpose of this war and what the Seleucids were fighting against. They were fighting against the constitutional principle of the Supremacy of God and the rule of Law, human equality and civil liberty. The Maccabean war was the first civil liberties war the world has known.

If any of the Greeks at this time were capable of objective thinking, and critical thinking, they might have realized what they were fighting against was the constitutional principle that the Democratic Greece City States where looking for and never fond. It was this principle for justice that could have made a democratic federation possible; but now it is 200 years too late. This principle was not rediscovered until 1,600 years later, with the Protestant Reformation.  It is this reformation that made the modern democratic state possible, also the emancipation of the Jews, and eventually an end to slavery and racism. There may be a separation between Church and State as institutions, but there is no separation between government, politics, religion, and conscience, there never was and there never will be.

How then are we doing today in our modern democracies under the Supremacy of God and the Rule of Law; with our Human Rights; Civil Rights and our Civil Liberty?  Where every man is his fellow’s equal?

With the sexual revolution of the 1960s – 70s, here in Canada the abortion law was changed, that abortion was allowed for reasons of life and health of the mother, on the consent of two medical doctors. We objected to the word health.  The word health could mean anything including a person’s preferences.  We said it was the slippery slope to abortion on demand. We were ridiculed as paranoid idiots; this would never happen. Now 45 years later what do we have? We have no abortion law at all; abortion is legal in Canada up until birth. There is statistical evidence of infanticide as well.  If you want to kill your baby come to Canada, it is legal.

Now with same sex marriage, parenting and family, why did they just come with it recently?  Why not at the beginning of the sexual revolution; they already had it in mind then? The answer is, it could not be entered into society under any pretense. The meaning of marriage as a civil institution first had to be destroyed.

The only reason we have civil marriage and family status is for its property as a natural organism that reciprocates to reproduce.  It is for this reason, and this reason only, the community and state have an interest in it; survival and continuity depend on it.  Then, because it is a natural organism it has 100% objective consent from the community. Any other relationships whatever they may be, and though they may exist, are of no interest to the community, and therefore can never demand consent; they have no claim to public consent, and can only achieve subjective consent; objective consent is imposable . Force of law can only achieve a superficial feigned consent.  However when much of society losses its objectiveness and marriage comes to mean nothing more than a temporary  adult entertainment contract then they, the revolutionaries think they have created the right conditions for same sex marriage, parenting and family; they have no sense for consequences neither history, for them everything is entertainment.  What is at issue; human subjectivism is to replace human objectivism.  Moral relativism is to become our State Religion, our Government and our Justice. It is to replace the moral imperative.

Do I approve of homosexuality?  To come anywhere near to approval; we first would need to approve of adultery, fornication, anal intercourse and oral sex. None of these behavioural activities are gender specific.  These activities are the cause of viral diseases, cancer, reduced life expectancy, dysfunctional and broken families and traumatized children. Who in their right mind would approve of all this? Having said this, I don’t think I need to have an opinion on homosexuality.  Human sexuality does not come in multiples. There is only one, “human sexuality” and it, like all other aspects of human life is fraught with problems, homosexuality is only one of them.

Artificial construction of Human Rights:  Behavioural human rights are the construction of elitism for the purpose of persecution with the pretense of human rights. This is much like the Soviet system where they persecuted people with the pretense of workers’ rights.

How genuine are these constructed rights?   If homosexuality would be true to itself there would be no problem. But why would they feign themselves to be a natural organism that reciprocates to reproduce as with same sex marriage, parenting and family?   There are not many, and I don’t know of any, Black African Americans who make themselves white as if this would be the only means to equality. Homosexuals have all the human rights as everyone ells, they only need to be true to themselves and take it for what it is.

To cast it in the light of philosophy, from Emanuel Kant, I would say, a person may be as homosexual as they are or want, but they are that to their own maxim, as end in themselves before God. It can never extend to the objective priori, to be willed as a universal moral law. To do so, as we are doing, is a tyranny on the human conscience.  You may just as well make a law that we all must take Mass. Or all of us including Jews must eat pork. These – at one time were real laws in the middle ages for some states in Europe. The modern sexual revolution is becoming an icon of history in this same category.

Children’s Rights:   Apart from abortion and infanticide being legal, we now also have same sex parenting to further destroy the human rights of children. A child is procured from a mother and father, it therefore also follows that a child has a natural inclination to a mother and father. A right to a mother and father is a natural biological human right. What more human rights can you deny children? This is to make children into property, a commercial product. By every definition it is slavery. If you don’t think it is then you need to prove that a child procured from a mother and father now chooses same sex parents.  These children have a right to sue for wrongful parenting.  All of your arguments that same sex parenting does not harm children have all been heard before; 200 years ago in the defence of racist slavery.

Construction of the new anti-Semitism: It is becoming increasingly clear that the established authority in government and the courts don’t want us, and are denying us effective citizenship.  They do not want us as doctors, we might refuse abortion referrals. We are not wanted as teachers, we might teach objective thinking, and critical thinking instead of socially correct ideological thinking. We are not wanted as marriage commissioners; we are disallowed to refuse same sex marriage.  This new form of anti-Semitism is not just directed against Jews but anyone who is capable of objective thinking or even critical thinking; but then anti-Semitism has always been anti-objectiveness.  We are beginning to look like the new Hebrews of the twenty first century in this world; it is our enemies who are make us be this.

The sexual revolution is becoming to look more and more like the Antochean Decree.  It has exactly the same spirit and intention.

The sexual revolution was a change in Ideology (religion), ideological Government  appointing Ideological judges to the Supreme Court effectively bypasses democracy to enforce its religion/ideology, then it is the hope, that through ideological/judicial manipulation and coercion in due time society and government will reflect the ideological/religious ideals of the elite who appointed the judges.  We think we are being governed by a democratic government, but in truth we are bring ruled by Ideological/Religious decree, and this new religion again is one of those ancient religions that has no use for objective truth,  then it follows neither human rights, civil liberty or Democracy.  All of this is being used as a pretext to an ideological end.  This religion/ideology is no guardian of the secular state.

Martin Luther King said in his famous speech “I have a dream” that he “looked forward to the day that his daughter would be judged on her character and not the colour of her skin”.  Then according to the ideological authorities of today Martin Luther King got it all wrong, now it is the character that has the human rights not human beings.

In the year 1560 A.D.E, William of Orange (the silent) in the council chamber before Margret of Parma governor of the Dutch Provinces for her brother King Philip II of Spain, said “this cannot continue! I am Roman Catholic, but I do not find it acceptable for the King to rule the conscience of his people and deprive them of the freedom to believe and worship God in the way they believe to be right”. I can say the same thing; for much different circumstances but on the same principal, with the same intention and consequences. “This cannot continue! I support the secular state, but I do not find it acceptable for the Government to rule the conscience of its people and deprive them the freedom of conscience with full effective citizenship. Anything less than objective is unacceptable and intolerable in the secular state. It creates elitism, denies freedom of conscience and thereby deprives effective citizenship.

William of Orange (the silent) believed that Roman Catholics and Protestants could live side by side as equally effective citizens of the State. If only Justice would be objective! If only the rule of law would be objective!  However King Philip was totally obsessed with Ideological/religious correctness that he was wholly incapable of any objective thinking.

The King’s reaction is quite understandable, when you consider what this all implies. Objective justice and the objective rule of law imply “The Supremacy of God and the rule of Law”. It would recognize the moral imperative. This would be a compete surrender to the Jews, Jewish religion,  and as the protestants understood it a return to the Bible; and thereby be a total rejection of the supremacy of the Pope and the Roman Catholic Church, as well as himself as the absolute ruler. This leaves the Roman Catholic Church standing as a pagan adaptation to Jewish religion; that mush pot of all pagan religions that the Seleucid Greeks were unable to achieve in Judaea in the face of the Maccabean revolt. It also becomes quite understandable why William of Orange became protestant and renounced his Roman Catholic Religion.

William of Orange was often accused of being on the wrong side by both sides, and very much misunderstood. The King did not get it, or want to get it, but then neither did the people. Today 450 years later we still don’t get it.

Alexander Solzhenitsyn, the author of the Gulag Archipelage; in 1975 shortly after his expulsion from the Soviet Union, and about 20 years before the final collapse of the Soviet Union, had some warning for the west in his speeches.  When understood from hind sight, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, its message becomes increasing clear. I will quote from his Washington speech. It speaks for its self.

“There are two major processes occurring in the world….which has been in progress more than 30 years”.

“It is almost a joke now in the western world, in the 20th century, to use words like “good” and “evil” they have become almost old-fashioned concepts, but they are very real and genuine concepts. These are concepts from a sphere which is higher than us. And instead of getting involved in base petty, short-sighted political calculations and games we have to recognize that the concentration of World Evil and the tremendous force of hatred is there and it’s flowing from there throughout the world. And we have to stand up against it and not hasten to give to it, give to it, give to it, everything that it wants to swallow”….. hoping that at some point the wolf will have eaten enough.

“The second process is one which I consider the key to everything and which, I will say now, will bring all of us our future; under the cast-iron shell of communism – for 20 years in the Soviet Union and a shorter time in other Communist countries – there is occurring liberation of the human spirit. New  generations are growing up which are steadfast in their struggle with evil; which are not willing to accept unprincipled compromises; which prefer to lose everything – salary, conditions of existence and life itself – but are not willing to sacrifice conscience; not willing to make deals with evil.”

“This process has now gone so far that in the Soviet Union today, Marxism has fallen so low that it has become an anecdote, it’s simply an object of contempt. No serious person in our country today, not even university and high school students, can talk about Marxism without smiling, without laughing.”

From this quote by Alexander Solzhenitsyn, I think it is clear that he was yet expecting a police state military crackdown on the Soviet citizens.  As he said “I will say now, will bring all of us our future; under the cast-iron shell of communism”.  This did not happen instead the Soviet Union simply melted away.  The reformation was more successful than he had anticipated.  Obviously, it was Soviet Ideology that was destroyed, and then also the authorities’ will to enforce it. It seems they could no longer find sufficient co-operation, neither the spiritual will to enforce it.

Can we defeat the Ideological government and justice of the west with the same mode of action? I believe we have no choice; we need to act before it gets worse.  We do not need to fear the outcome; we know from history that objective truth will be vindicated; the moral imperative will always remain.   All that the Russian people did was defend objective truth without fear and resisted the subjective evil of communism.

We, the people of the world, need to defend objective truth in every place possible in the face of subjective evil, (moral relativism) without fear of the consequences.  Our enemy is already defeated and they know it. That is why the academic response in the west to people like myself often are obscenities and death threats. You do not need to be afraid of them.


When in the west, with our democracy, and developed economies, of these post revolution days of the twenty first century; we may think of ourselves as descendant of ancient Europe, the Greek democratic City states, and then upon reflection – we have chosen the very worst and rejected the very best.  We have embraced Greek pagan religion/Ideology and we have rejected Greek monetary democracy.

Then upon further reflection of the entire world, there are only two possibilities for Government. There are also only two possibilities for religion/ideology; this regardless of all cultural differences.  There is no third way; you may search all you like, you will never find a compromise as the third.

They are these; The Supremacy of God and the rule of law, and the other choice, the Supremacy of Man and the rule of tyranny.  The one is human beings as end in themselves, the other is human beings a means to an end.  The one is peace the other, constant war.

Choose this day who you will serve.

As for me and my house we will serve the Supremacy of God and the Rule of Law.

When this is what I serve then what are my recommendations?  This can only be from a historic perspective, and not an Ideological. Then it is no longer a recommendation but history demands it.

They are three things, for all the people of the world.

1. The restoration of the Secular State Under the supremacy of God and the Rule of Law, which speaks for its self that Justice, would be objective; Human rights, civil rights, civil liberty, and human beings as ends in themselves.

When Ideological/religious judges, on the Supreme Court can bypass Parliament and rule by Ideological/religious decree; then we the people need a system whereby that  we can bypass Parliament and impeach these ideological/religious judges.  We need to put an end to this last vestige of absolutism.

2. The restoration of free enterprise, under the Supremacy of God and the Rule of Law, which again is Human rights, Civil Rights, Civil Liberty, objective justice and the objective rule of law. Enterprise without this is not free enterprise but a regression to slavery and extreme poverty for the masses.

3. The restoration of the People’s Money. Public debt is owed by the people and also to the people as their own primary reserve money. The one cancels out the other. Public debt has no vale and its existence as debt is an illusion for the benefit of monetary imperialism.  The present monetary system of Quantitative Easing is social credit welfare for Capitalism, and will create tribute states as well as tsunamis of capital flows around the world, but no coherent local and regional economic development. That can only come through empowering the people with their own local capital (monetary

Caleb Maccabee


Restore Authentic Human Rights

To restore authentic human rights

Parents with children in their growing up years may have had them enrolled in swimming lessons; for some available through the school and others, through the community’s public swimming pool; as well some of our children may belong to a swim team. As recently as 1975 and prior thereto it was a common practice throughout North America to have nude swimming for these classes and teams, the sexes apart.  You probably don’t know about this because this is one of those things no one tells you. You can find it on line “history of boys swimming nude at the YMCA and Public Schools”.

Why did we do this; and why do we not do this today? There are two reasons for why we did this and 4 reasons why we now don’t.  The first reason, historically we have always swam nude, prior to swimming pools we swam in lakes rivers and ponds; one day for boys/men the next day for girls/women, or at different locations. We only wore bathing suits on mixed public beaches. This nudity was not sexualized. The second reason was hygiene; Swimming pools in those times were not the chemical composition as they are today. It was required to wash in a shower with soap before entering the pool and bathing suits were not allowed, they carried too much bacteria. The water in these pools was replaced every 10 to 14 days.

Should anyone today suggest we have nude swimming for our children, most parents would freak. It would be considered professional misconduct at the least, or even accused of being a sexual pervert, a pedophile; you would lose your job or even end up in jail.

What has changed since then that may have affected our attitude toward this, over these past 70 years? I will list them.

1. We have had a proliferation of pornography, from a time none were available to the saturation of today, and being a commercial product it is produced in a manner that intends to maximise addiction.

2 .The proliferation of movies, again from a time none were available; and a movie industry that seems to think every good movie needs a sex scene, and more recently that at least one actor identifies himself as the homosexual. Why would I want to watch this?  We don’t go to our neighbours to watch them that might get us in jail; but that is exactly what the movie industry thinks of us and that this is what we want to do. We are being hoaxed into becoming sexual perverts without even realizing it.  Then we may still think we have the moral high ground; and may not think like this about ourselves, but then we do for our neighbor. Pornography and public sex for entertainment affects everyone.

3. A rising epidemic of divorce, broken families, homosexuality and pedophilia; men seeking employment as coaches, teachers, and youth leaders for their alterative sexual purpose. This social phenomenon is nothing unlike the current rising epidemic of obesity. I cannot explain why these epidemics occur, we might find out, we might not, but we might consider that we ourselves may be the cause of them.  What shall we now do for obesity? Shall we have obesity pride? Or for that matter is there anything ells? Most of us can recognize the folly of pride; apparently our lawmakers don’t.

4. The sexual revolution, here in Canada in 1969 with Pierre Trudeau’s “just society” which is really the ideologicalization of our justice; Aided by public funded ideological social activism to speed up the process for the feminization of society to make sure that the sexual revolution would not fail; (A revolution with untold and growing casualties from HIV/AIDS).

It is for these reasons that nudity has become sexualized, and in a wider sense sexual trust for one another is lost. Today most parents are still protective of their children, but to what degree?  We now have a public school system with a curriculum that teaches homosexuality to children with role models.  (To teach a specific behaviour in the context of the objective human being is the same as to teach racism, they both rely on the same principle). Then, there is continual pressure to reduce the age of consent for sex with minors. Having in the background that pedophilia is only just another orientation, and then at times in our Roman history it was perfectly fine to have sex with children, at least for the pagan ruling elite.  It could never harm children, not in the ideology of moral relativism, who defend this as freedom of choice.

Now there is a new public nudity beginning to appear, nudity displayed on our streets in a sexual context such as gay pride. Is sexualized nudity now above the law or is there no law?  Are there now different laws for different people? In Canada it is illegal to be nude in a public place, or while on private property but exposed to public view. This law is circumvented for public protest such as the world naked bike ride and gay pride. Today if you want to be naked on the street you need to think of a protest to get the protection of the law.  I wonder who and what they are protesting? All human beings are equal but some human beings are more equal than others. Or is this a special law for the gods (naked Greek gods)?  Then to make the adaptation to George Orwell’s book “Animal Farm”, when pigs can walk on hind legs then surely some humans may walk as God.   I have searched the web to see if there is anything you might consider objective about these so-called protests; there is nothing, only, same sex celebration, including “queers against Israeli apartheid” and then sexualized entertainment and sexualized nudity.  I have heard from parents that their children are shocked when they first encounter gay pride.  It is our children that can recognize we are being idiots, but apparently not our law makers.

These so called protests are actually symbolic but effective ideological pogroms intended to kill intellectual objectiveness, render society confused, helpless, and defenceless in the face of the worship of sex, to prepare society for the next phase; an addiction that will never be satisfied. Gay pride is a lot more about getting off on the public for the success of moral relativism than it has anything to do with human equality.  It therefore is a pagan ideological celebration that has no place in the public sphere of a secular state.

Many mayors and councillors of our municipal governments are already skittish about gay pride, you need to take courage and stand up against ideology, don’t be intimidated by their threats neither the rulings of ideological judges, their threatening look much the same. You need to take the long view and history is on your side. We need to ban public endorsement for celebrations  subjective human behaviour.

Restoring True and objective Justice, and authentic human rights:

A person is a human being before he is homosexual, like wise a person is a human being before he is a race, or for that matter anything ells. To reveres this order is to create gods and demons. When a specific individual human trait or behaviour is being equated to be equal to the human being, it then requires a confession of faith from everyone concerning this, just to be a human being.  This only serves the purpose for persecution.  This also happens to be the apex of pagan religion and the complete opposition to the preamble of our Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom.  We have not seen the likes of this in the western world, not since the Third Reich.

Today, the ideology of moral relativism is using and encouraging homosexuality as a weapon of war to persecute human objectiveness; to destroy the moral imperative to our freedom.

The notion of separation between church and state has long ago been destroyed by the Courts; our Courts are very much in the business of religion as ideology, they are no longer Judges but have become our high priests.

A secular state has an obligation to its citizens to remain objective and be none ideological. When it is not, then neither it is secular.  Ideology which is the same as pagan religion has no place in a secular state. To put it there is a declaration of war against humanity.

A secular state can only exist under the supremacy of God and the rule of law, where all human beings are ends in themselves before God; The objective human being having reality independent of mind. Then to alter the objective human being, is to substitute the subjective for the human being, it then becomes the perceived human being. To do so is to destroy All justice, not just some of it, All of it, justice has then been replaced with an ideological curriculum.

When it requires a confession of faith just to be a human being, then it also follows only a human being can be a person and citizen, not Christians, not Jews, not intellectuals; critical thinking and objective thinking become the primary sin against the State, and academic freedom is apostasy. No freedom of conscience, no civil liberty. Today much of our civil service employment and public office now requires this confession of faith. You have already shut us out of this employment opportunity.  What are you doing different from what the Roman Catholic Church did to Jews in the Middle Ages, or for that matter Nationalist Germany? In time you will realize you have made us equal to your own unborn children whom you refuse to recognize as human beings and legally kill up until the time of birth.  We are now left begging the next question; when will we see the next holocaust? You have already laid the foundation and when we see a foundation, are we to believe the building will never be built? You need to remove this foundation because in time it will be removed.

When we of the west preach sermons to the world on same sex marriage, same sex parenting and gay pride, we drive the world farther away (including our own children) each to their own radical ways.  They can see that we have become intellectually and morally bankrupt and have become the same as our enemy.  We teach radicalism; and I may as well add, not only in social justice but in monetary justice and economic justice as well.

All of you ideological politicians, lawmakers and Judges, you may do what you think you can get away with, but you may know for certain History has already condemned you. All ideological states fail, they devour each other, and their own people, but a nation will survive the state.

Action Plan                            

We need people to get together in each municipality who are willing to take up this following petition and approach your local municipal government with it, and these arguments to support it. Write a press lease and invite the media, make it public. Write a blog for your municipality. Should they refuse; then also make that public. Buy advertising.  This is all symbolic but very effective in changing public opinion (you need to bring light to your neighbors, and remove the veil covering ideology). We also need to bring this into our Universities.

You might note this proclamation is also a defence against radical Islam. Moral relativism and radical Islam are the same; they both have the same common enemy “objective Truth”. The spirit of this proclamation is the only real alternative to ideological war; two good selling points for your municipality.

 The Mayors Proclamation

We the undersigned people of our community request our Mayor to make the following proclamation, to draw special consideration for the preamble to our Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and all of its benefits for the equality of all human beings; and that with this proclamation, refuse all subjective and ideological proclamations.

“We affirm the Supremacy of God and the Rule of Law; where all human beings are ends in themselves before God; where people are responsible and accountable for one another in accordance to objective nature, and free from all subjective coercion and not a means to an ideological end”.

The relationship between racism and moral relativism

Racism, segregation and apartheid have the primary intent to keep races apart and therefore they object to mixed race marriage. They believe their racist ideology is primary to natural human biology. Human biology becomes dependant on this racist ideology. This ideology gives credibility to the ideology of moral relativism and their same sex marriage and parenting. Now instead of racial preference, it is sexual preference that takes precedence and is primary to human biology; and then we are required to make a confession of faith denying biology and accepting ideology. I have never denied natural human biology for the benefit of racist ideology; neither will I ever deny human biology for the benefit of same sex ideology.

Then for a child to be a human being it requires a mother and father. That Child, then has a natural biological human right to a mother and father. To deny this, is slavery.

It is for these reasons that we can never accept racism, neither same sex marriage nor same sex parenting; and there is no possibility for freedom of conscience concerning this. To think there is, is the same, to say, “If you are against slavery then you don’t need to own slaves”.

A person is a human being before he is anything ells.

Obviously, this is all too radical, for our pagan ideological revivalists.


“The supremacy of God and the Rule of law where all human beings are ends in themselves before God; responsible and accountable for on another according to objective nature and free from all subjective coercion”, is the only human freedom, that will include all human beings.   I challenge you to find another.

This is the only freedom because it is the essence of true Religion, true Justice and true Government.  This should have been known and could have been known from the beginning of time. But in time it became known, for a nation, for religion, for justice, and government, through the Abrahamic Covenant, and its “blessing to all the families of the earth”. “God is one” One universal real God, then justice is one universal real objective justice, and ideology is idolatry.

Throughout all the ages of world’s history, successful democracies and human right have been very rare. The reason is there are only two choices for religion, justice and government; they are the Supremacy of God or the Supremacy of Man. Our modern democracies were only possible after the protestant reformation, and then primarily in states of the protestant nation. This nation is founded on the Abrahamic Covenant and its concept of universal objective justice. For once in history all of this came together.

For more than three thousand years the world has been killing the messenger; sacrificing the messenger. Anti-Semitism is anti-objectiveness; Anti-Semitism hates the Jew not for who he is but for what he stands for and represents in history; (objective justice in complete opposition to Ideological tyranny).  You can not kill God, neither objective justice but you can kill a Jew.

A true democracy with human rights survives only on the Universal objective Justice, are we now to think this justice has no enemies? It has one major enemy “the tyranny of creeping ideology;   “Ideological creep”.

How does this happen? I will show you by making it into a board game that even your children can understand.

First we need to collect all the assets and liabilities of the world together and put them into the proper accounts; these two accounts are, the supremacy of man and subjective Ideology as justice and the Supremacy of God and objective justice.

Supremacy of Man (subjective)              Supremacy of God (objective)The perceived human being                                       The real human being Perceived human rights                                                        Real human rights Tyranny                                                              Constitutional Gov. democracy Ideology                                                                                                         Civil Rights Propaganda                                                                                Academic Freedom Aggressive war                                                                                    Defensive war Isolationism                                                                              Community/Nation Promiscuity                                                                                    Marriage/Family Slavery                                                                                            Economic welfare Poverty                                                                                                   Social welfare Racism

Abortion/infanticide                                                                                                        Eugenics                                                                                                                              Genocide

Now that we have the inventory of the world’s assets and liabilities, in the proper columns the challenge is how much of the subjective can we insert into the objective by ideological creep, without having the objective collapse into anarchy, tyranny and civil war?  This then all depends on the quantity of items and the weight they carry, and as they enter in time they will replace the objective. The success also depends on the knowledge of the citizens.

Now in Canada how much of the subjective have we inserted into the objective by ideological creep and what is being replaced? Have we reached the tipping point? If so what is holding it back? And is it sustainable?

As of now January, 2015 the following is the list of ideological creep inserted successfully into Canada’s objective justice; the perceived human being, perceived human rights, ideology, propaganda, isolationism, promiscuity, abortion/infanticide, eugenics.  By far the one that carries the most weight is the designation of the “perceived human being”. It is a cover for all the rest introducing creeping erosion of the human being; it functions like a malignant cancer.

From the objective side the following is being  removed; the real human being, real human rights, civil rights, civil liberty, academic freedom, community, marriage/ family.

Now what is there left of the subjective that has not yet entered into the objective side? When will it also enter on the efforts of ideological creep? What is sustaining the present situation of the contradictory mix?  The greatest asset for ideological creep that sustains it is a population of people who are confused helpless and defenceless. The greatest enemy of ideological creep is critical thinking and objective thinking; then for ideological creep to have the total victory over objective justice requires eliminating the enemy; the intellectual, the Christian, the Jew.

It is time we had a major reformation, a revival and enlightenment to restore our objective Justice.  Surely our ideological priests and diviners will call any enlightenment, one more attempt at a Zionist conspiracy to take over the world, and If not Zionist, then they will call it religious fanaticism.  The greatest fear ideology has, is that human beings would actually have authentic freedom, in a civilized and prosperous society, (it is actually this that ideology sees as a conspiracy). Freedom makes ideology feel they have lost control, and have a need to do something that overpowers freedom for others. Then ideology may be a human deficiency disorder? And is this our Justice?

Freedom has a moral imperative to be Freedom.

Constitutional Democracy is the sovereignty of the people;

When the sovereign sleeps; Ideology creeps;

When the people awake; sovereignty is gone, all is gone.

Caleb Maccabee

Now who do I represent?

Civil Rights; and Citizens for the restoration of  objective Justice, the Real Human being and Real Human Rights, which is the only authentic secular state, and the only authentic human freedom.

Now if the veil is off and you can see the light; then help us build the nation and spend some money on the defence of our Justice; keep this campaign growing, send an email.  I have a lot more to write.  Moral relativism still receives government funding; I get nothing.

With the amount of quantitative easing from western central Banks you would think you and I would have a lot of money, but it is for capitalist world conquest, Ideological monetary policy, Ideological economic policy, and no objective justice; ( but this is another essay). We need to spend our money to survive this crisis, and restore our justice, socially and economically.

I am sorry if I have hurt anyone’s feelings, but I am a Historian, I do not change history and evidence to avoid hurt feelings.

Share this; send it around the world, build your own ideas and arguments, then use them.

Caleb Maccabee                                                                                                                                           copyrights ,Caleb Maccabee,   All rights reserved


Monetary Demcracy and Globalism

Civil Liberty and Globalism in the World of twenty first century

Monetary Democracy

When we deconstruct our historic monetary system to its basic individual blocks; then reconstruct it into our modern monetary system, we find that some of the most important blocks are missing. If we are to find a solution to our present monetary problems we need to look to our history; it does provide the solution.

It was in the year 2011 A.D.E. that certain men and women came up into the streets and parks of our Cities, in the United States and Europe to protest; “The Wall Street protest”,” the 99% versus the 1% “. The economic plight of the world where 1% get richer, become the super rich and the rest of us ” the 99%” need to work more and more for less and less and less. Is there any economic injustice?

Is this a time to smoke pot? A time to get stoned? A time to proclaim gay pride? A time to deny children their basic human right? A time to proclaim same sex parenting, same sex marriage, same sex family?  A time to kill the unborn with abortion? A time to kill with sex selection abortion because women are unwanted?  A time to make love not war (appease lust not justice)? All of these things belong to the protests of the 1960s, the sexual revolution.  That generation is now our senior leadership and fast approaching its eternal exit.

For the Wall Street protest the summer and fall went, and winter came, the parks got muddy, the tents became cold, they all went home. They never returned, nothing was heard again, they may have discovered that they themselves were the object of their own protest.  Have we now become so objective that we can judge and condemn 1% for being too subjective? By now everyone will have forgotten that these protests even took place. I would have forgotten too, but I recognized the contradiction and began to write this.

Since the last world war the western world, that is North America and Europe, has gone through two revolutions. On the face, these revolutions appear biennial; they are far from biennial. These two revolutions are now very much entrenched and we are feeling the real effects.

Two Revolutions do not make a right.

The first revolution was in the 1960s – 70s, “the sexual revolution”. Here in Canada known as Trudeau’s Just Society of 1969. In the United States primarily marked by Roe v Wade in 1973; In Europe each state had its own interpretation. The second revolution was in the 1980s, with Neo-Liberal economic policy and in reality, the restoration of class power, primarily from the efforts of Margret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan.

This second revolution is a natural progression of the first. Whether the design is intentional or not, is irrelevant, the phenomenon that has developed is the same.

This first revolution has completely altered the synthesis of our justice, and the foundation of all policy. What western people expect from Justice is human rights, freedom, and equality in short, the human being as an end in itself. The priori of justice understood to be the equality of human stewardship. With the sexual revolution this priori has been moved to the equality of human lust and greed. Justice became the ideology or religion of moral relativism.

Human beings are no longer considered an end in themselves but rather a means to an end, which of course is an ideological end, and as such, you can easily add, the privileged elite, “Neo-Liberal economics”.

These two revolutions also mark the death of the modern enlightenment, at least as far as justice and politics are concerned. Many of my ideas are inspired by the writings of Emanuel Kant, Moses Mendelsshon and Adam Smith, philosophers of the modern enlightenment.

Ideology, like much of organized religion, is not enlightenment, it only seeks to restrict and contain knowledge, then naturally our freedom and human rights. Enlightenment  seeks and defends the moral imperative for human freedom.

There is ample evidence from our recent history that demonstrates how we used democracy to destroy democracy, use justice to destroy justice, use human rights to destroy human rights, use free enterprise to destroy free enterprise, use religion to destroy religion, and lastly, use ourselves to destroy ourselves. It ought not to be like this, but such is the metaphysics of man. Who do we blame? Where do we find fault? There is no point in finding blame or fault. We need to recognize truth and reach forward to make things better.

If we the people are to make any progress in the quality of life we need to cast off the rule of Ideology, and once again embrace authentic enlightenment. We cannot keep on theorising and just merrily have an opinion; we need to call a judgment.

Economic  Globalism

I have read several books on globalism. Writers trying to put the phenomena in perspective; they all begin with a historic perspective. Right here at their beginning they all seem to make the same two fatal mistakes.  They take for granted that the development of ideology is normal. It is not normal. Then they take for granted that the original source of all primary reserve purchasing power (money) is government and the Banks. Neither is this normal. These writers have no concept of religion/ideology, and neither, money.

To get any concept of the big picture for geographical, political and economic development in history, you need to include the history of religion and the history of money.

The phenomenon of global economic development is not the problem; it has been ongoing for thousands of years; only in the last 30 years it has accelerated because of new technology. The real problem is with neo-liberal economic ideology. The term globalism may have been invented to gloss over the real intent of capitalist conquest and attempt to give it a humanitarian cover.

Ideology/Religion: Throughout history, you could say all of the great tragedies in the world came about by human greed and lust, converted into an ideological religion to achieve a privileged end.  Evil created to overcome evil. Rarely is there truth and often it is the victim. Neo-liberal economic ideology is no different.

Ideology is the same thing as Idolatry; the former is a modern term to describe the same human phenomena.  They attempt to create a comfort zone for themselves and the world, one that reflects the elite’s faith of superior benevolence, independent of the moral imperative. People are not regarded as ends in themselves but as means to that end. This requires restrictions on freedom and knowledge; truth is replaced with propaganda. All the attempts in the past to achieve this were through the rule of repressive law and war. In today’s world everything is financialized. It may now also be achieved through monetary and capital manipulation.

Now what is ethical and moral law?   To be able to act upon our subjective needs and wants we need to connect it to the objective priori that it could be willed to be a universal moral law. In other words ask yourself the question, what if everyone did this?  Calculate the consequences; you will soon have your answer.

The moral imperative existed before all formal religion, and true religion should be a defence of it.  This is the only way to human freedom and liberty. I always thought this was the American way. It is why we fought the civil war until we won.  Ideology like idolatry can never achieve this.  Ideology is always at odds with moral and ethical law because it seeks to substitute the subjective for the objective; hence special interest law and no objective law; it replaces the moral imperative with moral relativism.

Before I leave the subject of ideology I would like to make one comment about Reaganomics; in 1980 Ronald Reagan was quoted as saying “Government is not the solution to our problems. Government is the problem.” No doubt he was referring to the record of the democratic presidency of Jimmy Carter, and the Democratic Party; their ideology of big government socialism, and the sexual revolution. Was he aware that he himself was ushering in a whole new Ideology of the same character, in an entirely different field, but with similar consequences?  Monetarist supply-side was the real policy behind it, but also very adaptable to the ideology, of the sexual revolution,” monetary and economic relativism”.

Despite Reaganomics being a failure right from the start, (it turned out very different from his projections), but in terms of Ideology he may have put the cart in front of the horse. Moral relativism now also became Economic relativism.  The first ideological revolution destroyed the family, has made marriage meaningless, denies children their most basic human rights, and discrimination against an objective life style is taking on the characteristics of anti-Semitism.

The second ideological revolution destroyed the middle class, free enterprise, and the effect on human rights is beginning to appear. We have developed a dual employment system where civil servants, public employees enjoy all their union rights pay raises and pensions, and at the same time for private enterprise employees all of this has been destroyed.  Secondly, the major discrimination will come through the monetary banking system, between those deemed as high risk and low risk; the super capitalist as low risk and small business and consumer as high risk; monetary policy finding an excuse for discrimination within the effects of their own policy. Then they call this “market conditions”.  Monetary discrimination is the product of policy and very difficult to detect as discrimination in the real community.

The first revolution relies on the syntheses of ideological justice. The second revolution puts itself outside of justice, called “Free enterprise”.  Both revolutions are ongoing and have no end, but they will destroy meaningful democracy, monetarism and enterprise.

If these observations are not true for everyone, it is that many of us still have the self-worth and means to resist the flow, or are in a favoured sector, but it will not be sustainable.

I am sure Ronald Reagan had intended neo-liberal economic ideology to work for the United States, but then in his time there was no idea of China’s communism hybridizing with capitalism. What was intended to work for the United States may very well work against the United States and the entire west.  When neo-liberal economic ideology is really the restoration of class power, then China as a hybrid of communism and capitalism is a readymade class power. The idea of free enterprise, free trade and competition is fake.  When Ronald Reagan said “Government is the problem”, what are we to think when capitalism hybridizes with government and commuisim?


History of money

Probably, the most misunderstood phenomenon in the world that leaves most people of the world helpless is money.

The use of coins as money began in history about as soon as metals were discovered and could be processed. They were added to the barter trade. The discovery of gold and silver, not very useful for utensils or implements, but did have a special quality that was appreciated by everyone. It naturally became the product to impress, jewellery to express wealth, then money.

The only purpose of money is to secure payment, as the ancient Hebrew word for payment indicates t’shalom “to make peace”. This can be achieved through simple bartering; agreeing on goods for goods, but this barter system can never work well for complex transaction or any major projects requiring the cooperation of a lot of people. Coins of precious metals overcame this problem.

However coins in themselves are still nothing regardless of the metal. For them to have any value for payment (or making peace) lies completely in the consciousness of the human being.  Subjectively human beings were impressed by the aesthetic quality of gold and silver to the point that humans coveted gold and silver. It became an objective priori and could become a universal law of payment; accepted by friend and foe alike. Payments could now be expressed in weights of precious metals, human covetousness guaranteed universal acceptance (confidence). The world then had one universal currency with real purchasing power.  However herein already lies the problem with money; the universal law of payment relies on the priori of covertness and at the same time is expected to be moral for making payment.

Now who creates money (Purchasing power)? Throughout history it was whoever found gold and silver, as the primary source.  A secondary source is capital accumulation through mercantile trade, and also through taxation by government; from here we get into monetarism, where capital is lent out for interest, to mercantile trade, industry, agriculture and government, and anyone who may have the ability to recover money to make interest and principal payments. However, despite this debt, it is always the original non-debt supply of gold and silver that determines the total supply of purchasing power. Much of our history is defined according to the supply of gold and silver.

We should keep in mind that historically money is intended to make peace and payment; a moral priori law.  It is a great irony on the world’s history, to see what we have done to each other in order to acquire tokens of peace and payment.

Today we have fiat money; the American dollar was removed from the gold standard in 1971, money has no reference to gold, and the real value of money is public confidence. The quantity of money is controlled by the priori of math, In other words numerical units that can continue to infinity.  Money comes into existence only through debt. The supply and demand for money is to be controlled by manipulating  interest rates, and as you see today that is hardly possible.

Before I draw any conclusion about money, I will first discuss a few monetary problems from history. In ancient Mesopotamia and the Middle East, about 2,000 B.C.E., the land was settled by small city states and nomads. These states had functioning economies that included farming, industry and trade. Money was in use; Yet for all of this there were constant petty wars between these states.  These wars were carried out to acquire wealth and power beyond what existing economics could produce. Another factor that should not be overlooked is the contempt for each other’s ideology (religion) a feeling of deficiency in truth and justice.

An account of one of these petty wars can be found in the Bible, Gen. 34. when Jacob’s sons were confronted with the problem of their sister Dinah and the proposed marriage to Shechem.  Hamor and his son Shecem thought they had a merger with Jacob’s family through marriage. However Jacob’s sons had a different idea; they killed all the men, took the woman and children, cattle and money. They made it into an economic stimulus package for themselves.

Another good example from the Bible that illustrates monetary deficiency is from the account of King Solomon and the state of Israel.  We read that King Solomon sent ships to get gold from Ophir. New gold from an outside source wins the right to expand the money supply, and the initial benefit of economic stimulus. At the end of Solomon’s reign we read of no more new gold, but instead high taxes and the kingdom falling apart. It is probable, that through trade and consumerism the economy was dispossessed of gold for capital accumulation, and then taken to another state where it would be used to expand that economy. What was needed for the state of Israel was another shipment of new gold. Increasing the money supply could have provided the economic stimulus to rescue the state, but that did not happen.

Nothing in the economy of the state of Israel was lacking other than money. Money is the only means to facilitate the operations of a complex economy.  The only other means is by draconian rule of law; the difference between willing cooperation and unwilling cooperation.  The real problem was the monetary leakage. The only way to recover money outside of a primary source is through trade, war or by surrendering sovereignty to another state who could promise money.

All through the middle ages we have the same scenario for Western Europe, beginning in the second or third century; a thousand years of economic stagnation and a short money supply; The Roman super rich hording  the supply of money and land, with the people in debt, poverty and slavery. Then, this system from the crumbling Roman Empire simply transferred to the feudal rulers and the Roman Catholic Church. The only times the money supply expanded was in preparation for war, the building of castles and cathedrals, and then soon taxed back.

This system only began to break up when there were more free people and some trade. However the real breakthrough did not come until Spain unified, then conquered Granada, then discovered America. In America they conquered the Aztecs and Incas, stole their gold and brought it back to Europe; thereby winning the right to expand the money supply for themselves and all of Europe. For once in a thousand years there was a substantial increase in the money supply, and this time not all of it was in the control of the feudal system or the church. Much of the gold stayed in the hands of the conquistadors and their families, for discretionary spending and investment.

Now, why should Spain have a monopoly power over the expansion of the money supply? There were not too many in Europe who agreed.  We have Sir Francis Drake from England and Albert Hyn from the Netherlands who made it their business robbing Spanish treasure ships. Worthy of being knighted “Sir”. Did they do any crime?  Spain could very well have become the Banking center of the world but they destroyed it, with their Ideology. The Roman Catholic Church would not allow lending money for interest, and then add to this the Jesuit Spanish inquisition. The Banking center moved to Amsterdam in the Netherlands; a country that was a refuge for the persecuted of Europe and Jews were equal citizens.

We often think of the renaissance, reformation and enlightenment as spontaneous events, but I think they were very much aided through the monetary expansion from private sources outside the direct control of the established tyranny. It provided the means and courage for individuals to exert themselves, but also the moneyed network to sustain reform.

More recently in North America, it is often said the American west was developed through the gold rush. It is more accurate to say the American west was developed through the creation of new primary money (purchasing power) and gold was the capitalist excuse.

All this time that western Europe was in the middle ages, the eastern half of the old Roman Empire, the Byzantine Empire continued for another one thousand   years.  They had a larger population, an adequate gold supply and a stable currency for the first 800 years. They had a free enterprise economy controlled by the rule of law. Trade was regulated and every attempt was made to replace imports with home production. They had a large middle class and no super rich, but the state as a whole was very wealthy.  It only came to an end through constant attack of war and no reliable allies.

The historic model for western capitalism is without any doubt the ancient Greeks.  Greece, the land itself was not a prosperous land in terms of agriculture or food production to support a population but it was through sea trade and colonization around the Mediterranean that they were able to build advanced City States.  This advanced development of these City States could not have been achieved through a barter trade economy. The Greeks had gold and silver mines; mining was an important occupation for the Greeks.

It was through Greek trade that there was an ever increasing supply of money as wealth being introduced into the Mediterranean region. For the first time in European history, portable wealth, gold and silver as money became more important than the wealth of land.

The Greek City states and colonies were attacked by Persia in the wars beginning in 490 B.C.E. .Territory was lost to Persia, as well gold sources being redirected to Persia.

During these wars Athenians discover a rich vein of silver in Laurium about 480 B.C.E…  In the Athens democratic government assembly under the leadership of Themistoles; at that time; it was proposed by Aristides and his supporters that the silver be divided up and distributed among all the citizens in the same manner as the spoils of war. Themistoles instead insisted that the new wealth be used to build a strong fleet of at least 200 additional war ships in preparation for the next Persian sea invasion. Aristides was ostracized (voted out) from the assembly for ten years and the money went to build the ships. All of this money was newly created purchasing power, not debt, no one owed anyone anything.

What is clear from this history is that new purchasing power as money came into existence through the people as individual citizens and also collectively  as the community. Greek citizens could purchase their leisure life with newly created purchasing power and none of this was debt. They owed no one. Instead, through colonization and lending money the world came to owe them. At the same time it should be remembered that the majority who lived at Athens during this time were not citizens, and this would not apply to them. They were slaves and serfs. By comparison then our modern monetary system treats all of us as slaves and serfs, not citizens. Debt being our master; whether we know it or not, or don’t want to believe it.   The true value of our debt money is the future work you still need to do, the future sales you need to get. This is the only reason why we need constant economic growth just to survive.

The Persians navy of king Xerxes was defeated in a major sea battle of 480 B.C.E. His army went home. After this the Greek City States formed a federation of states for defence. This federation did not work, but created a war. While the City States squabbled and fought each other, King Philip II of Macedonia consolidated his state in the north. He seized the northern gold mines; thereby depriving the southern city states a good portion of their money supply.

This money from these mines was diverted to Macedonia and used to build a new navy and army for the state. In light of the contemporary time, this was a new and innovative hi-tech navy and army. When you have enough money and everyone gets paid well you can buy a lot of cooperation from the people.  Again this is all primary money; created purchasing power; not debt or war bonds; King Philip owed no one anything.

With this army and navy, King Philip II conquered all the Greek city states; destroyed democracy and made himself Tyrant of all Greece, Himself, the one and only citizen.

After the death of King Philip, his son, Alexander became king.  Then after establishing himself as King of all Greece, he took this new army to attack Persia, to regain lost territory and get revenge on the previous Persian attacks. This conquest was funded with gold and silver from the mines not debt or war bonds and when this was not enough the spoils of conquest would provide the rest.

Alexander conquered the Persian Empire over 11 years with four major battles. After the battle of Issus he took the city of Damascus and there apprehended the Persian war treasury, thereby he gained all new purchasing power to continue his conquest.

Alexander’s empire did not last; it was divided into 3 Kingdoms; and governance of a large empire with an inadequate money supply is difficult.  However the sequence of money and debt, how it has evolved, continues according to this pattern to our modern time. It is clear from this history that capitalism cannot exist without the creation of money that is wealth in its own, (Reserve) that has no reference to economic activity, neither debt.  Money as wealth in itself becomes the command of economic activity. Debt cannot be created without it, and money (purchasing power) created by debt is not this wealth.

The Gold Standard: Today there are still some people who think we should return to the gold standard, there could be nothing more ridicules than this. Most people today agree that the depression of the 1930s was caused by the gold standard and if it had not been for the gold standard the depression could have been prevented.  The world gold supply is inadequate and the means by which it comes into existence as money is much less than desirable.

With the gold standard money is created by lending to the public on a ratio of gold reserve held by the bank. This system works as long as no one asks for their gold. When everyone asks for their gold you will soon find out that most of your money is not gold but rather someone ell’s debt.  With fiat money the system is still the same but without reference to gold.  The reserve is expressed in a quantity of money, that can be increased or decrease by restrictive lending (taking in more than letting out)  or a bond (loan) from the central Bank, or quantitative easing,  (in reference to history this would be the same as new gold coming from a mine).   Now all primary capital is held by the central Bank or the Reserve.  There is no longer any primary capital with the people (like gold coming into circulation as money from a private source).  All money in circulation is some ones else’s debt.  Then private enterprise capital accumulation can only be the debt accumulation of someone ells.

The problem with debt money is it always requires future economic activity in order to repay, whereas primary reserve money is capital purchasing power that does not require future economic activity. It is wealth in its self.

Gold Method: I think it is clear from history that for a very long period of time, money came into existence and circulation as primary reserve money by anyone who could produce it.  As in the example of the Greek City states, primary capital reserve money was distributed by democratic means to its citizens.  Today with fait money I see no reason why this could not be done again to correct the imbalance between reserve money and debt money.  At the same time we would need to restrict the growth of debt to achieve the balance.

Inherent value of money: historically the value of money was focused on the gold, the metal. However the real value that became apparent is its usefulness as purchasing power. Then it follows, what makes money most useful to the citizen is social, economic, political, stability; which can also be characterized by reliable objective justice, human rights, and the objective rule of law. Then it is these properties that are the true value of money. A democratic state that has these properties in place may create as much primary reserve money and capital as it needs for its citizens.

Since ancient times, states and economies got sacked; stripped of their assets and money for the purpose of enriching the raider or conqueror. Nothing much has changed; we still do the same thing, only in a modern way without gold. Where everything is financialized, the sacking is put on a promissory note for a future generation, and when that generation comes we have a financial crisis. We do this within the state, through government deficit spending, and now globally with the finacialization of trade and capital imbalances, creating economic imbalances, and the debt trap of nations around the world.

Free Trade: Now the question; Does trade and deficits need to be balanced if money and debt is to have any value? Adam Smith in his book” The Nature and Cause of Wealth of Nations” (1796) is considered to be the corner stone of Neo-Liberal economics. (I have heard reports that Margret Thatcher always kept a copy in her purse).  If we are to get anything out of Smith’s ideas, we need to update them. His writing is not pure philosophy, but pure reason applied to his own time.  In Smith’s time the world was still a large frontier, much of it was hardly explored. Today the world looks more like a fish bowl.   Money was gold and silver, there were many new mines that produced a steady supply of gold and silver all entering the monetary system and being lent for interest, to the point that there was inflation.  Today with fiat money, there is no primary source of money coming from within the economy, only debt money from a presupposed capital reserves held in the central banking system.

Adam Smith considered labour to be the major component of price.  That may have been true for his day when it required a lot of labour to manufacture or produce anything. However in our day with the technology, labour is becoming the smallest component in price.

Adam Smith envisioned that trade imbalances would correct themselves through competition and improved productivity; the invisible hand or in the French Revolutionary terms (laissez faire). But instead we have financialized trade and capital imbalances, and then with fiat money on the priori of math this can continue to infinity. We may have free trade but the trade wars have only been transferred to monetary wars, capital wars and fiscal wars. Someone needs to call a judgment on value and that should be the people.

What do we mean by competition and improved productivity to equalize trade? The equalizing trade that would result can only be through the equalizing of the price for goods, according to Adam Smith.  The price for goods consists of three components, a return on capital, a return on labour and a return for government in the form of tax. It is all three of these that need equalizing to balance trade under a free trade policy. Adam Smith’s concept is inadequate to equalize anything, much less strategic goods such as oil. However, concerning price, when there is very little labour input or labour cost and no taxes, how then do you equalize profit and the return on intellectual property, or resource property?  It can only happen when we force it to happen, through import taxes in the importing state or through higher wages, human rights and social security in the exporting state.    Without this equalizing,  we will create production states and consumer states as the new division of labour, and the absurdity of fiat money as wealth continues; our debt.  Through this type of unmitigated division of labour the consumer in developed economies still remains a component of labour for income, but without any representation in the price structure. Much of our consumer debt is a short fall in the labour component of price; debt, a substitute for real income. With short sighted consumerism, more consumption and capital accumulation can be achieved through consumer debt than with higher prices (Prices that would include a civil value for labour and social security). The efficiency of production is worthless, to both the consumer and producer when it cannot include, labour which is also the consumer, for a source of income, through value added, (in other words the benefit of lower prices is not income for the people).  Efficiency should be for the benefit of the entire economy, not just for lower prices and capital accumulation.

Adam Smith stated in his book the wealth of nations “all production is for consumption” then it cannot be for surplus capital accumulation.  This can only be possible when (as if) we deny that a portion of consumption has taken place and defer it to another time, represented by consumer and government debt. By comparison much of eighteenth century capital was surplus gold from the mines and colonies, not debt.

When production does not need labour there is a moral obligation to include the welfare of the consumer,( the population), in the price structure through value added. Without this production is not sustainable. People do not need to be unemployed. We need to direct labour away from the waist of consumerism and toward environmental/economic stewardship. Environmental protection must be inserted in the price and economic structure, to replace the labour component that was lost. Like I said before efficiency belongs to the entire economy, not just for profit production.

Neo-Liberal economics make their defence from Adam Smith and his eighteenth century experience in trade, to defend their doctrine of free trade, no taxes and floating exchange rates, to balance trade and capital flows. However the eighteenth century idea of money is quite different from today. Adam Smith had a rather casual idea of money. He writes “The cheapness of gold and silver render those metals rather less fit for the purposes of money than they were before”.  In other words trade and industrial expansion had to catch-up to the money supply, if money was to retain any value; and this flow of money continued year after year. This is all primary reserve money, very little was debt.

As the economic activity of the nineteenth century caught-up to the money supply and gold was no longer so plentiful, money was created through debt on the gold base.

Then in the twentieth century money was removed from the gold standard and was created through debt, based on the reserve in the banking system; a presupposed reserves of the central Bank.

Obviously in the eighteenth century every advantage for trade and economic development was with the state that had accesses to cheap gold and silver from the mines or colonies. It is easy to promote free trade when you are speaking from this advantage.

States that did not have access to cheap gold and silver could only obtain it through trade or debt.

Now apply this resent history to our fait money of today as policy. The challenge is to get the currency of one dominant state, or a few states to be accepted as the world currency of trade and debt, and thereby all other currencies become secondary. These states with secondary currency will be required to use the currency of the dominant state to complete trade transactions and seek investment.  These currencies are being crowded out, as the dominant currency takes on the characteristics that once were attributed to gold; therefore these smaller states lose the ability to create their own reserves or primary source of money for investment and trade. The dominant states become the only source of primary money or reserves.  In eighteenth century terms, they would have the only gold mine in the world, at least for creating purchasing power, and all the other states would be dependent on that state for a money supply.  Economic development only becomes possible through trade and capital flows not through the states own ability to create money, that ability now belongs only to the dominant state or states.

Once the dominant State has the world flooded with its money and its own economy operating reasonably well it can start raising interest rates and thereby collect tribute from the whole world, causing economic stress in other states which in turn provide the justification to micro manage the affairs of these states.    This is today’s imperialism; monetary social credit and welfare for capitalism, debt and servility for the world.

We need to developed an economic system that will make local, regional and national economies more self sufficient and self reliant. This should be the new consciousness for globalism.  The tools to do this are local control of monetary policy, fiscal policy and the people’s primary reserve money. The global capital markets can never achieve this; instead they create dependency and regional disparity.

We need an economic system where we can contract the economy and at the same time improve the quality of life and environmental protection.  The present system of ever increasing consumption and waist to maintain growth for the purpose of staying ahead of debt with more debt money is not sustainable, but will end in capitalist tyranny.  We need to reduce consumption and debt. That can only be achieved through the use of the people’s primary reserve money.

The people of each state in the world could create their own capital and would not be dependent on global capital markets. When each state would use the same criterion we in essence would have one global currency.  We need to replace Monetary Imperialism with the Monetary Imperative, which is nothing unlike the Moral Imperative.  Monetarism on a priori of necessity and universality on the same axis as the priori of Justice.

Balanced trade is necessary by direct economic aid, the development of domestic economies for domestic needs, and realistic trade agreements.  Free states need to run the economy like a business for the public profit and the profit is quality of life; and not capital accumulation on another’s debt.  The world needs more than just economic diplomacy. It need monetary Justice.

The present monetary system can never achieve this; it emphasizes the wrong end of the economic process, and it will carry on from crisis to crisis until everyone realizes that money has no real value other than the pretext behind it “conquest”.


When in the west, with our democracy, and developed economies, of these post revolution days of the twenty first century; we may think of ourselves as descendant of ancient Europe, the Greek Democratic City states, and then upon reflection  –  we have chosen the very worst and rejected the very best. We have embraced Greek pagan religion/ideology and we have rejected Greek monetary democracy.

They are three things, for all the people of the world.

1. The restoration of the Secular State under the supremacy of God and the Rule of Law, which speaks for its self that Justice, would be objective; Human rights, civil rights, civil liberty, and human beings as ends in themselves.

When Ideological/religious judges, on the Supreme Court can bypass Parliament or any other democratically elected body, and rule by Ideological/religious decree; then we the people have a Civil Right to a system whereby the we can bypass Parliament and impeach these ideological/religious judges.  We need to put an end to this last vestige of absolutism.

2. The restoration of free enterprise, under the Supremacy of God and the Rule of Law, which again is Human rights, Civil Rights, Civil Liberty, objective justice and the objective rule of law. Enterprise without this is not free enterprise but a regression to slavery and extreme poverty for the masses.

3. The restoration of the People’s Money. Public debt is owed by the people and also to the people as their own primary reserve money. The one cancels out the other. Public debt has no vale and its existence as debt is an illusion for the benefit of monetary imperialism.  The present monetary system of Quantitative Easing, is social credit welfare for Capitalism, and will create tribute states as well as tsunamis of capital flows around the world, but no coherent local and regional economic development. That can only come through empowering the people with their own local capital (monetary democracy).

The debt of third world nations or underdeveloped countries needs to be written off; and these countries empowered to create the purchasing power needed for social economic development, on the condition of objective human rights and the rule of law.  This, the only true value of money.

How to Make It Happen? Read the next article, Maccabean Club.

Caleb Maccabee

Maccabean Club

Dare to think

This blog is for people who are capable of critical thinking, objective thinking and original thinking; also for people who are fed-up with ideological thinking and who do not know how to resist the flow.  Read all the posts. Make a decision. Let me know, the send this around the world.

Why the name Caleb Maccabee as the writer’s name?  It was Judas of Maccabaeus who defended his objective freedom and civil liberty against the subjective tyranny of the Greeks and their paganism 2,200 years ago and this is as relevant today as it was then.

Maccabean Club

1. Form a Maccabean club in your community, We need to provoke a sense of history. May people have ideas, opinions and feelings, but usually shallow, and not well articulated or defended, this is because; unfortunately most people lack a sense of History. Ignorance is our first enemy.  For anyone to find fault with the name can only be that they think the Maccabean wars were wrong and that the defence of Civil Liberty is wrong.

We need a club in every Town and City in the World: the organizations that exist today, to defend the Family cannot do it alone; they need help from different directions,  people, all defending the same truth.  Unrest and protest is growing in the world, we need to give people a worthwhile direction.

The primary purpose of this club is to defend a Proclamation of Civil Liberty, raise awareness and knowledge of history and justice. To expose moral relativism for all it is. Raise funds for the defence of people in trouble with the law, and to challenge   non-objective special interest laws.

The proclamation to defend is this:  “We affirm the Supremacy of God and the Rule of Law; where all human beings are end in themselves before God, where people are responsible and accountable for one another in accordance to objective nature, and free from all subjective coercion.”

As a standard practice is in Canada, many special interests groups approach the mayor or city council to make a proclamation for their special cause; usually representing some benevolence to the community, we need to do the same. Ask them to make this proclamation of “Civil Liberty”.

Many of our Cities make proclamations of gay pride and even display the rainbow flag at City Hall.  There are many Mayors who would rather not, but cannot find a way around it. For fear of being blackmailed and called homophobic which of course is equated equal to racism by the presupposed community standard, that was created through judicial manipulation and that survives only on human ignorance. We need to help these Mayors. They need to make one proclamation to end all proclamations.  That is the Proclamation of “Civil Liberty”

How does our Civil liberties Proclamation differ from the Gay Pride Proclamation?   Gay Pride is  subjective egoistic supremacy and our Civil Liberty is objective inclusion.

Gay Pride is a proclamation that exceeds a statement of State Religion, it replaces the objective with the subjective,( the moral imperative with moral relativism) and everyone is required to endorse this. That is why these activists like these proclamations so much. Once the subjective becomes the state religion all of our human rights melt away. Anything and everything is to become believable.  Gay pride is all symbolic of this. To cultivate a culture that eventually will submit to subjective tyranny.

It should be noted that in Canada our charter of rights and freedoms begins with a preamble “founded on certain principals of the Supremacy of God and the rule of Law”. There have been activists and a Member of Parliament who have in the past made an attempt to have the preamble removed. These activists know what they are doing.

The religion of these activists and the ideological authority is that no objective truth exists. However Human Rights and Civil Liberty can only exist in the context of Objective Truth (the moral imperative).  Human beings are the object of human rights and not the subject of human rights. When we are the subject of human rights it is the authorities who will determine what they will be or not be. Then we do not have human rights, but human rights have us. This is Soviet Union style human rights.

The Gay Pride proclamation is really a statement that implies the preamble to our charter of rights should read “founded on certain principals of the supremacy of Man and the rule of tyranny”.

We need to ask our Mayors to make these proclamations for “civil Liberty” instead  of gay pride.  We should focus first on communities that have not made any proclamation for gay pride; then having made a proclamation for Civil Liberty they have a reason for refusing gay pride, they are already included, in our Civil Liberty.

Defend the Charter of Rights (they will always try to use it against you)

Do we with this proclamation then advocate the removal of sexual orientation as grounds for discrimination from the Charter of Rights?  No we don’t, and we may as well also add the word “addiction”.  We also have protection in the Charter of Rights for the mentally, physically handicapped and disabled.  No one is asking us to endorse disability as a lifestyle, but rather to have an objective view and accommodation of the human subjective condition. An objective view of life will recognize that Human beings are subject to all kinds of infirmities challenges and problems that need help and accommodation.  All of us being human have a universal susceptibility to infirmities and problems of all types; herein lays our equality. Then compassion and empathy become a universal moral law.  Then it should be clear that the construction of behavioural rights is something entirely different.

Now contrast this with the subjective view; that of moral relativism toward the subjective condition of human beings. Moral Relativism has come to reads, character rights, and behavioural rights, in the Charter; they are in denial of human weakness and infirmity.   Then consider their first reaction to weakness and infirmity; it is eugenics, and euthanasia, to kill the handicapped, and unwanted, which we have come to do before birth by abortion and now also females because some of us don’t want female children.  If we can’t kill them or abandon the unwanted, then we deny that it exists. The true meaning of the Charter is being denied.  It becomes entertainment.  This becomes clear with homosexuality, there is nothing in the word orientation that would imply, same sex marriage, parenting and family; and the majority of homosexuals don’t want it.  And we are only asking that it be taken for what it is.

Why would I take special regard for specific stereotype human behaviour and its constructed rights; placed on the path of human objectives?  It could never be paced anywhere ells. People do not belong in stereotype boxes, and especially so by the rule of law.  We are oblivious to race; we regard all people equal. How can I ever be oblivious to this constructed barrier without discarding all my objectiveness that I might go with the flow?  A flow of stereotype rights and discrimination, the stereotype box becomes the supreme human right and all other rights will flow from it.   Are they then trying to recreate that which we have discarded behind us a long time ago? There are parallel similarities between today’s same sex rights crusade, and the stereo type rights of Aryan supremacy, a popular nineteenth century ideology in Europe; with very tragic consequences.  Are we this stupid once again? This will be the topic for another essay.

There is no doubt, it is very clear, Ideological activists and our Ideological Judges, (moral relativism), are using sexual addiction in all its forms as a weapon of war against human objectiveness, and the moral imperative.

Moral relativism does not just stay at this short list on the Carter of Rights but extends all throughout society and the world. Abandoning people to suffering and injustice; when people become the victim it is their own fault, (read orientation to suffer), the aggressor is also excused upon his orientation. They can’t help it that is just how they are. Why then don’t you just submit to tyranny to preserve the peace? Moral relativism is the religion of appeasement where everything becomes entertainment. It displays certain urgency; hurry up and appease the tyrant, stop making a disturbance that we may continue with our entertainment.

Regardless of what force motivates it, in the human world, objective truth (the moral imperative) will stand on its own.  It existed before any formal religion or Ideology and no one is it. True religion defends it; the true Church/Community is the spiritual and conscientious operation of it; true Justice defends it; and true state government is the secular operation of it. When any of these entities of human existence assumes itself to be the Moral Imperative, you create the conditions of war. This is why the democratic Greek City states had war and could not form a democratic federation.  It is also the moral reason for our American Civil War.

Now suppose there was no objective truth (moral imperative); religion/ideology would be anything and everything;  Church/ Community, spirituality and conscience becomes  dysfunctional;   Justice would come in multiples according to the number of tyrants, or be impossible; Government would be impossible, save for the objective truth that evil does exist.

Defend the American Constitution

Thomas Jefferson wrote in the Declaration of independence “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

Equality is objective, and not a subjective sameness of mind.  If this was not the case, Thomas Jefferson would not have a case at all. There is no Life, Liberty and pursuit of happiness when we are under the tyranny of subjective mind equality, or sameness in opposition to objective realty. There can only be equality in human subjective mind when we are ends in ourselves and accountable to human objectiveness.

When Thomas Jefferson wrote “I have sworn….. eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man” ; these are objective thoughts, since subjective thought can never identify tyranny,  only live it.

For any court or government to legislate sameness of mind concerning a particular human subjective thought or feeling, is legislating religion.  The government and courts are making the United States into a pagan theocracy and it is no longer a secular state.

In light of the American Federal Court’s rulings in opposition to the democratic rights of Sates to define marriage according to its objective realty as one man and one woman; then if democracy is to save its self, it needs to declare its independence of the Federal Court.  This may be called treason; but I would answer that with the words of Patrick Henry he spoke in the Continental Congress before the American Revolution, “if this be treason, then make the most of it”.

Today, the United States is turning against its most fundamental value of freedom, and departing altogether from realty.

Fund Raising: Nothing happens without some money:  You need to raise some money to do the things you need to do.  We need to make the defence of Justice and Civil Liberty our business.

  I have a lot more to write and need to defend myself. No movement operates without some leadership, someone willing to risk their neck, and put their face forward.  I have already done that and will continue to do so, and this is for the world not just a sate. However, for true guiding leadership we have the Supremacy of God. To regress from this is self-incrimination. It is for this reason we can trust one another.

This movement does not need to be run from the top down but it will run from the bottom up, until we have the victory.  Then send me your comments and Ideas as well.

The name  Maccabee means the hammer,  I use it to provoke a sense of history.  History is on our side, when seen in terms of justice and human progress.  We have fought countless wars against Ideological tyranny, and won  freedom for a time, only to see ideological tyranny to raise its ugly head again, and we will fight again.

To quote Alexander Solzhenitsyn from the Gulag Archipelago He said “when we can resist our interrogator with truth and not back down, we can make our interrogator tremble”. Then we can make the World tremble!

To the doubting individual I would say this; to reject the moral imperative because it is too old fashion, too religious and not progressive, Is the same to rejecting the wheel because cave men invented it.  The wheel is the wheel and will always be the wheel; you cannot drive your vehicle without it; then neither your life. Your vehicle will not drive on relativism, then neither your life. The wheel does not make progress, but progress is made upon the wheel.

To all those who hate me, I would say this; Truth, in this world, is rarely pleasant; and I am what I am because I gave up on myself and followed that which is true. And it is truth that makes me free.

To all those that are in government, our judges and those who appoint them I would say this: Secular Government can only deal with Human objectiveness. You are not our Church; neither our god that you would be the moral imperative.  If you have any knowledge of History you would know this. Secular government, when it deals only with objective reality, is then a check on the extremes of religion and Ideology; but once government begins to entertain subjective extremes it is no longer secular, but one of them.  You become the enemy of critical thinking and objective thinking. The consequences can only be terrible.  If the twentieth century was bad for human suffering because of Ideology, you are trying to make sure the twenty first will be much worse.

Caleb Maccabee                                              I retain all copy writes.


The Mayor’s Proclamation


We the undersigned people of our community request our Mayor to make the proclamation to draw Public consideration for the preamble to our Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and all of it’s benefits for the equality of all human beings; and that with this proclamation, refuse all subjective and ideological proclamations.

Every Mayor of every City and Town of the World do make this Proclamation, of Civil Liberty.

“We affirm the Supremacy of God and the Rule of Law; where all human beings are end in themselves before God; where people are responsible and accountable for one another in accordance to objective nature, and free from all subjective coercion; and not a means to an ideological end”.

Name                                                          City