Restore Authentic Human Rights

To restore authentic human rights

Parents with children in their growing up years may have had them enrolled in swimming lessons; for some available through the school and others, through the community’s public swimming pool; as well some of our children may belong to a swim team. As recently as 1975 and prior thereto it was a common practice throughout North America to have nude swimming for these classes and teams, the sexes apart.  You probably don’t know about this because this is one of those things no one tells you. You can find it on line “history of boys swimming nude at the YMCA and Public Schools”.

Why did we do this; and why do we not do this today? There are two reasons for why we did this and 4 reasons why we now don’t.  The first reason, historically we have always swam nude, prior to swimming pools we swam in lakes rivers and ponds; one day for boys/men the next day for girls/women, or at different locations. We only wore bathing suits on mixed public beaches. This nudity was not sexualized. The second reason was hygiene; Swimming pools in those times were not the chemical composition as they are today. It was required to wash in a shower with soap before entering the pool and bathing suits were not allowed, they carried too much bacteria. The water in these pools was replaced every 10 to 14 days.

Should anyone today suggest we have nude swimming for our children, most parents would freak. It would be considered professional misconduct at the least, or even accused of being a sexual pervert, a pedophile; you would lose your job or even end up in jail.

What has changed since then that may have affected our attitude toward this, over these past 70 years? I will list them.

1. We have had a proliferation of pornography, from a time none were available to the saturation of today, and being a commercial product it is produced in a manner that intends to maximise addiction.

2 .The proliferation of movies, again from a time none were available; and a movie industry that seems to think every good movie needs a sex scene, and more recently that at least one actor identifies himself as the homosexual. Why would I want to watch this?  We don’t go to our neighbours to watch them that might get us in jail; but that is exactly what the movie industry thinks of us and that this is what we want to do. We are being hoaxed into becoming sexual perverts without even realizing it.  Then we may still think we have the moral high ground; and may not think like this about ourselves, but then we do for our neighbor. Pornography and public sex for entertainment affects everyone.

3. A rising epidemic of divorce, broken families, homosexuality and pedophilia; men seeking employment as coaches, teachers, and youth leaders for their alterative sexual purpose. This social phenomenon is nothing unlike the current rising epidemic of obesity. I cannot explain why these epidemics occur, we might find out, we might not, but we might consider that we ourselves may be the cause of them.  What shall we now do for obesity? Shall we have obesity pride? Or for that matter is there anything ells? Most of us can recognize the folly of pride; apparently our lawmakers don’t.

4. The sexual revolution, here in Canada in 1969 with Pierre Trudeau’s “just society” which is really the ideologicalization of our justice; Aided by public funded ideological social activism to speed up the process for the feminization of society to make sure that the sexual revolution would not fail; (A revolution with untold and growing casualties from HIV/AIDS).

It is for these reasons that nudity has become sexualized, and in a wider sense sexual trust for one another is lost. Today most parents are still protective of their children, but to what degree?  We now have a public school system with a curriculum that teaches homosexuality to children with role models.  (To teach a specific behaviour in the context of the objective human being is the same as to teach racism, they both rely on the same principle). Then, there is continual pressure to reduce the age of consent for sex with minors. Having in the background that pedophilia is only just another orientation, and then at times in our Roman history it was perfectly fine to have sex with children, at least for the pagan ruling elite.  It could never harm children, not in the ideology of moral relativism, who defend this as freedom of choice.

Now there is a new public nudity beginning to appear, nudity displayed on our streets in a sexual context such as gay pride. Is sexualized nudity now above the law or is there no law?  Are there now different laws for different people? In Canada it is illegal to be nude in a public place, or while on private property but exposed to public view. This law is circumvented for public protest such as the world naked bike ride and gay pride. Today if you want to be naked on the street you need to think of a protest to get the protection of the law.  I wonder who and what they are protesting? All human beings are equal but some human beings are more equal than others. Or is this a special law for the gods (naked Greek gods)?  Then to make the adaptation to George Orwell’s book “Animal Farm”, when pigs can walk on hind legs then surely some humans may walk as God.   I have searched the web to see if there is anything you might consider objective about these so-called protests; there is nothing, only, same sex celebration, including “queers against Israeli apartheid” and then sexualized entertainment and sexualized nudity.  I have heard from parents that their children are shocked when they first encounter gay pride.  It is our children that can recognize we are being idiots, but apparently not our law makers.

These so called protests are actually symbolic but effective ideological pogroms intended to kill intellectual objectiveness, render society confused, helpless, and defenceless in the face of the worship of sex, to prepare society for the next phase; an addiction that will never be satisfied. Gay pride is a lot more about getting off on the public for the success of moral relativism than it has anything to do with human equality.  It therefore is a pagan ideological celebration that has no place in the public sphere of a secular state.

Many mayors and councillors of our municipal governments are already skittish about gay pride, you need to take courage and stand up against ideology, don’t be intimidated by their threats neither the rulings of ideological judges, their threatening look much the same. You need to take the long view and history is on your side. We need to ban public endorsement for celebrations  subjective human behaviour.

Restoring True and objective Justice, and authentic human rights:

A person is a human being before he is homosexual, like wise a person is a human being before he is a race, or for that matter anything ells. To reveres this order is to create gods and demons. When a specific individual human trait or behaviour is being equated to be equal to the human being, it then requires a confession of faith from everyone concerning this, just to be a human being.  This only serves the purpose for persecution.  This also happens to be the apex of pagan religion and the complete opposition to the preamble of our Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom.  We have not seen the likes of this in the western world, not since the Third Reich.

Today, the ideology of moral relativism is using and encouraging homosexuality as a weapon of war to persecute human objectiveness; to destroy the moral imperative to our freedom.

The notion of separation between church and state has long ago been destroyed by the Courts; our Courts are very much in the business of religion as ideology, they are no longer Judges but have become our high priests.

A secular state has an obligation to its citizens to remain objective and be none ideological. When it is not, then neither it is secular.  Ideology which is the same as pagan religion has no place in a secular state. To put it there is a declaration of war against humanity.

A secular state can only exist under the supremacy of God and the rule of law, where all human beings are ends in themselves before God; The objective human being having reality independent of mind. Then to alter the objective human being, is to substitute the subjective for the human being, it then becomes the perceived human being. To do so is to destroy All justice, not just some of it, All of it, justice has then been replaced with an ideological curriculum.

When it requires a confession of faith just to be a human being, then it also follows only a human being can be a person and citizen, not Christians, not Jews, not intellectuals; critical thinking and objective thinking become the primary sin against the State, and academic freedom is apostasy. No freedom of conscience, no civil liberty. Today much of our civil service employment and public office now requires this confession of faith. You have already shut us out of this employment opportunity.  What are you doing different from what the Roman Catholic Church did to Jews in the Middle Ages, or for that matter Nationalist Germany? In time you will realize you have made us equal to your own unborn children whom you refuse to recognize as human beings and legally kill up until the time of birth.  We are now left begging the next question; when will we see the next holocaust? You have already laid the foundation and when we see a foundation, are we to believe the building will never be built? You need to remove this foundation because in time it will be removed.

When we of the west preach sermons to the world on same sex marriage, same sex parenting and gay pride, we drive the world farther away (including our own children) each to their own radical ways.  They can see that we have become intellectually and morally bankrupt and have become the same as our enemy.  We teach radicalism; and I may as well add, not only in social justice but in monetary justice and economic justice as well.

All of you ideological politicians, lawmakers and Judges, you may do what you think you can get away with, but you may know for certain History has already condemned you. All ideological states fail, they devour each other, and their own people, but a nation will survive the state.

Action Plan                            

We need people to get together in each municipality who are willing to take up this following petition and approach your local municipal government with it, and these arguments to support it. Write a press lease and invite the media, make it public. Write a blog for your municipality. Should they refuse; then also make that public. Buy advertising.  This is all symbolic but very effective in changing public opinion (you need to bring light to your neighbors, and remove the veil covering ideology). We also need to bring this into our Universities.

You might note this proclamation is also a defence against radical Islam. Moral relativism and radical Islam are the same; they both have the same common enemy “objective Truth”. The spirit of this proclamation is the only real alternative to ideological war; two good selling points for your municipality.

 The Mayors Proclamation

We the undersigned people of our community request our Mayor to make the following proclamation, to draw special consideration for the preamble to our Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and all of its benefits for the equality of all human beings; and that with this proclamation, refuse all subjective and ideological proclamations.

“We affirm the Supremacy of God and the Rule of Law; where all human beings are ends in themselves before God; where people are responsible and accountable for one another in accordance to objective nature, and free from all subjective coercion and not a means to an ideological end”.

The relationship between racism and moral relativism

Racism, segregation and apartheid have the primary intent to keep races apart and therefore they object to mixed race marriage. They believe their racist ideology is primary to natural human biology. Human biology becomes dependant on this racist ideology. This ideology gives credibility to the ideology of moral relativism and their same sex marriage and parenting. Now instead of racial preference, it is sexual preference that takes precedence and is primary to human biology; and then we are required to make a confession of faith denying biology and accepting ideology. I have never denied natural human biology for the benefit of racist ideology; neither will I ever deny human biology for the benefit of same sex ideology.

Then for a child to be a human being it requires a mother and father. That Child, then has a natural biological human right to a mother and father. To deny this, is slavery.

It is for these reasons that we can never accept racism, neither same sex marriage nor same sex parenting; and there is no possibility for freedom of conscience concerning this. To think there is, is the same, to say, “If you are against slavery then you don’t need to own slaves”.

A person is a human being before he is anything ells.

Obviously, this is all too radical, for our pagan ideological revivalists.


“The supremacy of God and the Rule of law where all human beings are ends in themselves before God; responsible and accountable for on another according to objective nature and free from all subjective coercion”, is the only human freedom, that will include all human beings.   I challenge you to find another.

This is the only freedom because it is the essence of true Religion, true Justice and true Government.  This should have been known and could have been known from the beginning of time. But in time it became known, for a nation, for religion, for justice, and government, through the Abrahamic Covenant, and its “blessing to all the families of the earth”. “God is one” One universal real God, then justice is one universal real objective justice, and ideology is idolatry.

Throughout all the ages of world’s history, successful democracies and human right have been very rare. The reason is there are only two choices for religion, justice and government; they are the Supremacy of God or the Supremacy of Man. Our modern democracies were only possible after the protestant reformation, and then primarily in states of the protestant nation. This nation is founded on the Abrahamic Covenant and its concept of universal objective justice. For once in history all of this came together.

For more than three thousand years the world has been killing the messenger; sacrificing the messenger. Anti-Semitism is anti-objectiveness; Anti-Semitism hates the Jew not for who he is but for what he stands for and represents in history; (objective justice in complete opposition to Ideological tyranny).  You can not kill God, neither objective justice but you can kill a Jew.

A true democracy with human rights survives only on the Universal objective Justice, are we now to think this justice has no enemies? It has one major enemy “the tyranny of creeping ideology;   “Ideological creep”.

How does this happen? I will show you by making it into a board game that even your children can understand.

First we need to collect all the assets and liabilities of the world together and put them into the proper accounts; these two accounts are, the supremacy of man and subjective Ideology as justice and the Supremacy of God and objective justice.

Supremacy of Man (subjective)              Supremacy of God (objective)The perceived human being                                       The real human being Perceived human rights                                                        Real human rights Tyranny                                                              Constitutional Gov. democracy Ideology                                                                                                         Civil Rights Propaganda                                                                                Academic Freedom Aggressive war                                                                                    Defensive war Isolationism                                                                              Community/Nation Promiscuity                                                                                    Marriage/Family Slavery                                                                                            Economic welfare Poverty                                                                                                   Social welfare Racism

Abortion/infanticide                                                                                                        Eugenics                                                                                                                              Genocide

Now that we have the inventory of the world’s assets and liabilities, in the proper columns the challenge is how much of the subjective can we insert into the objective by ideological creep, without having the objective collapse into anarchy, tyranny and civil war?  This then all depends on the quantity of items and the weight they carry, and as they enter in time they will replace the objective. The success also depends on the knowledge of the citizens.

Now in Canada how much of the subjective have we inserted into the objective by ideological creep and what is being replaced? Have we reached the tipping point? If so what is holding it back? And is it sustainable?

As of now January, 2015 the following is the list of ideological creep inserted successfully into Canada’s objective justice; the perceived human being, perceived human rights, ideology, propaganda, isolationism, promiscuity, abortion/infanticide, eugenics.  By far the one that carries the most weight is the designation of the “perceived human being”. It is a cover for all the rest introducing creeping erosion of the human being; it functions like a malignant cancer.

From the objective side the following is being  removed; the real human being, real human rights, civil rights, civil liberty, academic freedom, community, marriage/ family.

Now what is there left of the subjective that has not yet entered into the objective side? When will it also enter on the efforts of ideological creep? What is sustaining the present situation of the contradictory mix?  The greatest asset for ideological creep that sustains it is a population of people who are confused helpless and defenceless. The greatest enemy of ideological creep is critical thinking and objective thinking; then for ideological creep to have the total victory over objective justice requires eliminating the enemy; the intellectual, the Christian, the Jew.

It is time we had a major reformation, a revival and enlightenment to restore our objective Justice.  Surely our ideological priests and diviners will call any enlightenment, one more attempt at a Zionist conspiracy to take over the world, and If not Zionist, then they will call it religious fanaticism.  The greatest fear ideology has, is that human beings would actually have authentic freedom, in a civilized and prosperous society, (it is actually this that ideology sees as a conspiracy). Freedom makes ideology feel they have lost control, and have a need to do something that overpowers freedom for others. Then ideology may be a human deficiency disorder? And is this our Justice?

Freedom has a moral imperative to be Freedom.

Constitutional Democracy is the sovereignty of the people;

When the sovereign sleeps; Ideology creeps;

When the people awake; sovereignty is gone, all is gone.

Caleb Maccabee

Now who do I represent?

Civil Rights; and Citizens for the restoration of  objective Justice, the Real Human being and Real Human Rights, which is the only authentic secular state, and the only authentic human freedom.

Now if the veil is off and you can see the light; then help us build the nation and spend some money on the defence of our Justice; keep this campaign growing, send an email.  I have a lot more to write.  Moral relativism still receives government funding; I get nothing.

With the amount of quantitative easing from western central Banks you would think you and I would have a lot of money, but it is for capitalist world conquest, Ideological monetary policy, Ideological economic policy, and no objective justice; ( but this is another essay). We need to spend our money to survive this crisis, and restore our justice, socially and economically.

I am sorry if I have hurt anyone’s feelings, but I am a Historian, I do not change history and evidence to avoid hurt feelings.

Share this; send it around the world, build your own ideas and arguments, then use them.

Caleb Maccabee                                                                                                                                           copyrights ,Caleb Maccabee,   All rights reserved