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Dare to think

This blog is for people who are capable of critical thinking, objective thinking and original thinking; also for people who are fed-up with ideological thinking and who do not know how to resist the flow.  Read all the posts. Make a decision. Let me know, the send this around the world.

Why the name Caleb Maccabee as the writer’s name?  It was Judas of Maccabaeus who defended his objective freedom and civil liberty against the subjective tyranny of the Greeks and their paganism 2,200 years ago and this is as relevant today as it was then.

Maccabean Club

1. Form a Maccabean club in your community, We need to provoke a sense of history. May people have ideas, opinions and feelings, but usually shallow, and not well articulated or defended, this is because; unfortunately most people lack a sense of History. Ignorance is our first enemy.  For anyone to find fault with the name can only be that they think the Maccabean wars were wrong and that the defence of Civil Liberty is wrong.

We need a club in every Town and City in the World: the organizations that exist today, to defend the Family cannot do it alone; they need help from different directions,  people, all defending the same truth.  Unrest and protest is growing in the world, we need to give people a worthwhile direction.

The primary purpose of this club is to defend a Proclamation of Civil Liberty, raise awareness and knowledge of history and justice. To expose moral relativism for all it is. Raise funds for the defence of people in trouble with the law, and to challenge   non-objective special interest laws.

The proclamation to defend is this:  “We affirm the Supremacy of God and the Rule of Law; where all human beings are end in themselves before God, where people are responsible and accountable for one another in accordance to objective nature, and free from all subjective coercion.”

As a standard practice is in Canada, many special interests groups approach the mayor or city council to make a proclamation for their special cause; usually representing some benevolence to the community, we need to do the same. Ask them to make this proclamation of “Civil Liberty”.

Many of our Cities make proclamations of gay pride and even display the rainbow flag at City Hall.  There are many Mayors who would rather not, but cannot find a way around it. For fear of being blackmailed and called homophobic which of course is equated equal to racism by the presupposed community standard, that was created through judicial manipulation and that survives only on human ignorance. We need to help these Mayors. They need to make one proclamation to end all proclamations.  That is the Proclamation of “Civil Liberty”

How does our Civil liberties Proclamation differ from the Gay Pride Proclamation?   Gay Pride is  subjective egoistic supremacy and our Civil Liberty is objective inclusion.

Gay Pride is a proclamation that exceeds a statement of State Religion, it replaces the objective with the subjective,( the moral imperative with moral relativism) and everyone is required to endorse this. That is why these activists like these proclamations so much. Once the subjective becomes the state religion all of our human rights melt away. Anything and everything is to become believable.  Gay pride is all symbolic of this. To cultivate a culture that eventually will submit to subjective tyranny.

It should be noted that in Canada our charter of rights and freedoms begins with a preamble “founded on certain principals of the Supremacy of God and the rule of Law”. There have been activists and a Member of Parliament who have in the past made an attempt to have the preamble removed. These activists know what they are doing.

The religion of these activists and the ideological authority is that no objective truth exists. However Human Rights and Civil Liberty can only exist in the context of Objective Truth (the moral imperative).  Human beings are the object of human rights and not the subject of human rights. When we are the subject of human rights it is the authorities who will determine what they will be or not be. Then we do not have human rights, but human rights have us. This is Soviet Union style human rights.

The Gay Pride proclamation is really a statement that implies the preamble to our charter of rights should read “founded on certain principals of the supremacy of Man and the rule of tyranny”.

We need to ask our Mayors to make these proclamations for “civil Liberty” instead  of gay pride.  We should focus first on communities that have not made any proclamation for gay pride; then having made a proclamation for Civil Liberty they have a reason for refusing gay pride, they are already included, in our Civil Liberty.

Defend the Charter of Rights (they will always try to use it against you)

Do we with this proclamation then advocate the removal of sexual orientation as grounds for discrimination from the Charter of Rights?  No we don’t, and we may as well also add the word “addiction”.  We also have protection in the Charter of Rights for the mentally, physically handicapped and disabled.  No one is asking us to endorse disability as a lifestyle, but rather to have an objective view and accommodation of the human subjective condition. An objective view of life will recognize that Human beings are subject to all kinds of infirmities challenges and problems that need help and accommodation.  All of us being human have a universal susceptibility to infirmities and problems of all types; herein lays our equality. Then compassion and empathy become a universal moral law.  Then it should be clear that the construction of behavioural rights is something entirely different.

Now contrast this with the subjective view; that of moral relativism toward the subjective condition of human beings. Moral Relativism has come to reads, character rights, and behavioural rights, in the Charter; they are in denial of human weakness and infirmity.   Then consider their first reaction to weakness and infirmity; it is eugenics, and euthanasia, to kill the handicapped, and unwanted, which we have come to do before birth by abortion and now also females because some of us don’t want female children.  If we can’t kill them or abandon the unwanted, then we deny that it exists. The true meaning of the Charter is being denied.  It becomes entertainment.  This becomes clear with homosexuality, there is nothing in the word orientation that would imply, same sex marriage, parenting and family; and the majority of homosexuals don’t want it.  And we are only asking that it be taken for what it is.

Why would I take special regard for specific stereotype human behaviour and its constructed rights; placed on the path of human objectives?  It could never be paced anywhere ells. People do not belong in stereotype boxes, and especially so by the rule of law.  We are oblivious to race; we regard all people equal. How can I ever be oblivious to this constructed barrier without discarding all my objectiveness that I might go with the flow?  A flow of stereotype rights and discrimination, the stereotype box becomes the supreme human right and all other rights will flow from it.   Are they then trying to recreate that which we have discarded behind us a long time ago? There are parallel similarities between today’s same sex rights crusade, and the stereo type rights of Aryan supremacy, a popular nineteenth century ideology in Europe; with very tragic consequences.  Are we this stupid once again? This will be the topic for another essay.

There is no doubt, it is very clear, Ideological activists and our Ideological Judges, (moral relativism), are using sexual addiction in all its forms as a weapon of war against human objectiveness, and the moral imperative.

Moral relativism does not just stay at this short list on the Carter of Rights but extends all throughout society and the world. Abandoning people to suffering and injustice; when people become the victim it is their own fault, (read orientation to suffer), the aggressor is also excused upon his orientation. They can’t help it that is just how they are. Why then don’t you just submit to tyranny to preserve the peace? Moral relativism is the religion of appeasement where everything becomes entertainment. It displays certain urgency; hurry up and appease the tyrant, stop making a disturbance that we may continue with our entertainment.

Regardless of what force motivates it, in the human world, objective truth (the moral imperative) will stand on its own.  It existed before any formal religion or Ideology and no one is it. True religion defends it; the true Church/Community is the spiritual and conscientious operation of it; true Justice defends it; and true state government is the secular operation of it. When any of these entities of human existence assumes itself to be the Moral Imperative, you create the conditions of war. This is why the democratic Greek City states had war and could not form a democratic federation.  It is also the moral reason for our American Civil War.

Now suppose there was no objective truth (moral imperative); religion/ideology would be anything and everything;  Church/ Community, spirituality and conscience becomes  dysfunctional;   Justice would come in multiples according to the number of tyrants, or be impossible; Government would be impossible, save for the objective truth that evil does exist.

Defend the American Constitution

Thomas Jefferson wrote in the Declaration of independence “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

Equality is objective, and not a subjective sameness of mind.  If this was not the case, Thomas Jefferson would not have a case at all. There is no Life, Liberty and pursuit of happiness when we are under the tyranny of subjective mind equality, or sameness in opposition to objective realty. There can only be equality in human subjective mind when we are ends in ourselves and accountable to human objectiveness.

When Thomas Jefferson wrote “I have sworn….. eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man” ; these are objective thoughts, since subjective thought can never identify tyranny,  only live it.

For any court or government to legislate sameness of mind concerning a particular human subjective thought or feeling, is legislating religion.  The government and courts are making the United States into a pagan theocracy and it is no longer a secular state.

In light of the American Federal Court’s rulings in opposition to the democratic rights of Sates to define marriage according to its objective realty as one man and one woman; then if democracy is to save its self, it needs to declare its independence of the Federal Court.  This may be called treason; but I would answer that with the words of Patrick Henry he spoke in the Continental Congress before the American Revolution, “if this be treason, then make the most of it”.

Today, the United States is turning against its most fundamental value of freedom, and departing altogether from realty.

Fund Raising: Nothing happens without some money:  You need to raise some money to do the things you need to do.  We need to make the defence of Justice and Civil Liberty our business.

  I have a lot more to write and need to defend myself. No movement operates without some leadership, someone willing to risk their neck, and put their face forward.  I have already done that and will continue to do so, and this is for the world not just a sate. However, for true guiding leadership we have the Supremacy of God. To regress from this is self-incrimination. It is for this reason we can trust one another.

This movement does not need to be run from the top down but it will run from the bottom up, until we have the victory.  Then send me your comments and Ideas as well.

The name  Maccabee means the hammer,  I use it to provoke a sense of history.  History is on our side, when seen in terms of justice and human progress.  We have fought countless wars against Ideological tyranny, and won  freedom for a time, only to see ideological tyranny to raise its ugly head again, and we will fight again.

To quote Alexander Solzhenitsyn from the Gulag Archipelago He said “when we can resist our interrogator with truth and not back down, we can make our interrogator tremble”. Then we can make the World tremble!

To the doubting individual I would say this; to reject the moral imperative because it is too old fashion, too religious and not progressive, Is the same to rejecting the wheel because cave men invented it.  The wheel is the wheel and will always be the wheel; you cannot drive your vehicle without it; then neither your life. Your vehicle will not drive on relativism, then neither your life. The wheel does not make progress, but progress is made upon the wheel.

To all those who hate me, I would say this; Truth, in this world, is rarely pleasant; and I am what I am because I gave up on myself and followed that which is true. And it is truth that makes me free.

To all those that are in government, our judges and those who appoint them I would say this: Secular Government can only deal with Human objectiveness. You are not our Church; neither our god that you would be the moral imperative.  If you have any knowledge of History you would know this. Secular government, when it deals only with objective reality, is then a check on the extremes of religion and Ideology; but once government begins to entertain subjective extremes it is no longer secular, but one of them.  You become the enemy of critical thinking and objective thinking. The consequences can only be terrible.  If the twentieth century was bad for human suffering because of Ideology, you are trying to make sure the twenty first will be much worse.

Caleb Maccabee                                              I retain all copy writes.